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Quote originally posted by Mathula:
Yeah it would be awesome.Also,can someone(not me,please)make a light platinum pokedex.But not a regular one.A pokedex with data like where to find it,how common it is,How many males and females,that stuff.I'm too lazy to do it.
When I get around to it, that's something I fully intend to work on. Right now I'm looking for the last few Pokémon to complete my OFFICIAL National Dex on Black; I haven't been updating my sig., but it's at something like 641 now. All breeding done, a few to level up, a few types to get into place, and then add Suicine and Meloetta to complete. Then I'll likely be back at this game outside of some playing of SoulSilver or White 2.

Quote originally posted by SonicBlazePlatinum:
Pokemon Light Platinum X will be on hold until 2013 or 2014, and when it comes out will be a surprise so people don't rush for a release. Most of the trainers in game will have one or two Pokemon in Zhery and 3 Pokemon in Lauren like in Black 2 and White 2, but rivals like Red and Ethan and Steam Admins like Shirley will use four Pokemon. Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion use six Pokemon along with all the PWC/Pokemon World Championship trainers such as Ash. There also will be double battles most likely. Right now I'm still coming up with ideas for what the harder version will be like.
If you want to discuss ideas, feel free to get at me. Expanding the map in new areas would also be a cool idea and I already have some ideas. I've been busy mapping this game.

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