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Yuri panted and looked at Heracross. "I just... I heard my trainer... I can't let her get hurt again..." Molly caught up with the pup, carrying a confused Litwick. "Calm down, Yuri... I'm sure that nothing bad has happened to Kayla." Yuri gasped. "How... How can you say that? Why else would she scream? I'm going to find her." She put her nose to the ground and started to search for Kayla.

Primrose ran after Lucas and jumped onto his shoulder. She motioned for Rosemary to follow. Rosemary gasped and jumped onto Lucas' other shoulder. "I guess we're stuck with him now," she said with a giggle. She started to swing her tail around, hitting Lucas in the head. Primrose giggled.

Kayla looked around the forest nervously. "I-I can't do it... I can't stay here! I'll get eaten by a bug! What was I thinking, letting you talk me into this? I--" She paused when she heard footsteps arriving. "What's that?" she asked nervously. Holly shook her head and hid behind Kayla. "I don't know," she whispered. "You should just stay calm, Kayla... I'm sure it's just on of those... Oh, what's it called?" Kayla frowned. "Caterpie." Holly nodded. "Yeah, it's probably one of those!"
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