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First update.
Got Piplup
Rival battle
Trained Piplup to level 10
Caught Nidoran (F) and trained it to level 10
Rival battle
Ran through the Viridean Forrest
Trained on route 105
Piplup and Nidoran evolved
Defeated Brock
Ran through Mt. Moon and caught a Riolu there
Nidorina evolved
Arrived in Cerulean City
Ran through the Nugget bridge
met Bill and recieved S.S Anne Ticket
Defeated Lt. Surge (yes they switched Misty and LT surge)
Arrived in Vermillion City
defeated Rival in S.S Anne and got Cut
defeated the overpowered Misty after a couple of tries
Prinplup evolved
Ran to the Rock tunnel
Caught Roggenrola
Arrived in Lavender Town
On the way to Celadon Roggenrola evolved
Arrived in Celadon
trained some in the wild Boldore evolved
Defeated Erika (in my luck the hack edited her and gave her flying pokemon for the suprise)



Gliscor is boss. Period.
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