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Ahhh....been gone all day today due to going out and all (and my sister using da comp) MASS QUOTE INCOMING.

Originally Posted by WolfOfEve View Post
Thank you. I just have no knowledge of Cammy's personality or anything so I needed it to be from the person who made the character.
I did explain her in a large paragraph in the first post ;) But glad to see that the dialogue helped you a bit.

That goes to everyone else too! If you're having trouble with how Cammy acts, you can use the dialogue above. :)

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
I figure it's only inevitably that Bowser will kidnap Lily at some point. :P And then, there will be cake.

Also, Nicole is gonna freak out when she gets into the Zero Suit. She chose the armor specifically so she wouldn't be wearing something skintight.
That's what I was thinking too! When I read your SU, I was like "hmm, I wonder what will she react when she becomes Zero Suit?"

Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
Also tea--Cake and tea. First come first serve. Doesn't matter who or what you are where you're from. A princess needs her heroes. (Or heroines)

Out of curiosity, since pairing up with others is optional, how does the roleplay work alone? Are you playing God in this RP or something, Leaf? =o
If you decide not to pair with someone, there will be numerous things to do on the island which does include beating oncoming small enemies (which I will point out IC-wise as well as an option to create your own enemies to beat) and there will be several optional boss battles which includes most characters from SSBB who will be poisoned with evil (you know when you battle all dark versions of the characters during the Great Maze level?)

So basically yeah...for the most part I will be "playing God" but I also want to give you guys as much freedom as possible. xD I have control of the two NPCs, the mandatory boss battles, and the items I decide to give. That is all. The rest is pretty much up to you. Though, I will let you know of any "dangerous swarm" of a potential dangerous small enemy. (Spoiler: The Pokemon Beedrill will make an appearance in this roleplay. Watch out. xD)

Mr. Game & Watch will be one of the optional bosses in the first IC post, and that's 7 of him. xD

and that's all I'm gonna say! xD


Originally Posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red View Post
Name: Randy Browns
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Nationality: American

Character: Kirby
Differences: A Kirby with a black hair wearing Toad's (from Mario series) jacket , but sometimes he uses a Red hat with Nintendo written on it ( Written in white),black eyes and finally, he has red gloves. Photo: Search on Google: '' Kirby black haired with Toad jacket (without the hat).

Roleplay Sample: The sound of the waves, sunny just like if it was summer...the island is heating up. Randy wakes up pale asking himself only one question: ''Where am...I?!'' Randy looks to his body and cried: ''I'M A KIRBY !!!!!!''. Next to him, there was a mysterious creature that scared Randy.

''It's OK, don't be scared, I'm not your enemy. I'm the opposite, I rescued you from my evil brother, he wants to do terrible things...however...I can't stop him alone!'' Then, the mysterious creature apologized Randy, and said:''Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Camelia. So, will you help me?'' Randy introduced himself and said OK, but he had a lot questions to do.

''I love to help people, but tell me: Why am I a Kirby? How I got there? And Can we do it, just the two of us?'' Camelia said that he wasn't a Kirby, he was a cos form of Kirby and she also said they weren't alone.

''There are others, not just the two of us, and the reason your here is because my brother wants to hunt you and the others. Why? I'll explain later! I need you to have your abilities, I want to turn this place peaceful again...don't move, stay where you are.'' Randy said why, she said because the time has arrived, to lend Randy the ability Kirby has. And POF!

Randy was quiet...''................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Randy sensed he became more powerful, he posses the power of Kirby, he can fly how many times he can, he can now use Kirby's powerful hammer, posses one of the ability from another creature...! ''Thanks'' said Randy.

''.......? Strange creature, but very nice, heh.'' Camelia was nowhere to be found. Randy shouted her name 5 times. Nothing. Completely nothing. Randy tried out the hammer. ''Wow!!!!'' he said, so Randy were testing his powers on the island.
Two things: Both Differences and Roleplay Sample needs some editing and expansion. For the Differences section, I require at least 20 lines and so far I've counted one sentence. An image is alright, but I prefer a clearer explanation of what your human version of Kirby is wearing. For reference, I recommend you to read some of the accepted SUs other players had submitted.

As for Roleplay Sample, I didn't get a grasp on it at all as I assumed you wrote about arriving the island with his powers already. Your character was supposed to be confused and wondering why he's at Augustine Island. Then Cammy comes around and gives you your powers. Again, refer to the accepted SU's to give you an idea of what to write about. I'm also around if you need any assistance. :)

For now, your Kirby is reserved. :)

Originally Posted by Raikiri View Post
May I sweep in and take a reservation for Captain Falcon? I will try to do my SU tomorrow. Just have to get over jet lag xD
aaaand reserved! Due 48 hours after this post!


Drew Diamond, the Toon Link captive has been accepted! A tall, black haired version of Toon Link is very unique!

James Chleevas "JayC", the Meta Knight captive has been accepted! Your SU gave me a giggle, I must say. I look forward to see your character in action. Also, nice image of him too! :D

Anna Volynsky, the Snake captive has been accepted! You're very welcome! Nice image of your character too! She's just like how I imagined. ;3 Also I loved your RP sample :D

phew! xD

BY THE WAY. I will allow two more people to reserve if anyone lurking here wants to join in. IC thread is being worked on as we speak! Since I think I accepted 8 SUs so far (I lost count. too many tabs of the same thread lmao)
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