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Hi again! n_n

Glad to see you decided to post an updated team here! Although a few others and I posted quick rates for your Pokemon before, we'll gladly give it another once over. Unfortunately, like I stated last time, if this team is meant for competitive use than the raters here like to have more information about your Pokemon to give you the best analysis possible. This information includes held items and EVs (stats don't tell us the same things that EVs do. If you want to learn more about EVs and what they are, feel free to ask any questions you have in the Competitive Team Questions thread here). So you're on the right track, you just need to give us a little bit more. However, if you're using this team for In-Game play, you can post it here at the In-Game Help sections of the forum.

Anyway! On to your Pokemon. Since some of the other raters and I covered Serperior and Zebstrika in your other thread (you can still read it), I'm going to leave them for now and move on to the others.

Originally Posted by Emperor Serperior View Post
Vanilluxe Lvl 47

Ability : Ice Body
Nature : Quiet
HP : 141
Atk : 108
Def : 93
Sp Atk : 124
Sp Def : 99
Speed : 88


Ice Beam
Flash Cannnon
Acid Armor
Unfortunately, Vanilluxe has an extremely limited movepool so you already don't have much to work with. Nevertheless, Vanilluxe functions at it's best (in NU) with this moveset : Autotomize, Ice Beam, Hidden Power [Fighting / Grass], and Substitute. This way, Vanilluxe's Speed can get that desperately needed boost from Autotomize. You're also going to want a Modest [+Special Attack; -Attack] nature to get the most out of Ice Beam and Hidden Power [Fighting / Grass]. STAB Ice Beam from an appropriately natured Vanilluxe can do some serious damage to anything that doesn't resist it.

Originally Posted by Emperor Serperior View Post
Darmanitan Lvl 43

Ability : Sheer Force
Nature : Docile
HP : 156
Atk : 135
Def : 59
Sp Atk : 35
Sp Def : 54
Speed : 92


Hammer Arm
Grass Knot
Flare Blitz
Being a Pokemon of true, raw physical power, you're definitely on the right track with Darmanitan here. But there are still a few things you can do to make Darmanitan even better. There's a few options you have to choose from, but for you I recommend this set : Fire Blitz, Earthquake, U-Turn, and Superpower. Fire Blitz and Superpower make up the core of Darmanitan's STAB moves, while Earthquake allows you to hit Rock type Pokemon for super effective damage. U-Turn, lastly, allows Darmanitan to get out of battle quickly if necessary. As for Darmanitan's nature, you're best off choosing between a Jolly [+Speed; -Special Attack] nature, or an Adamant [+Attack; -Special Attack] nature to make Darmanitan hit harder / faster.

Hmm.. Your last two Pokemon.. Kiago and Hollird? I'm actually not even sure which Pokemon they are. ;( I don't recognize those names (foreign or nicknames?) at all. Judging by the movesets and abilities however, it's either Simipour / Linoone and --I'm fairly confident-- Unfezant, right? Until that is confirmed, I'm going to abstain from rating them just so I'm not giving you any false or misleading information.

Hope this was a little helpful!
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