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Marcus, Camellia, Flint & Beck de Telarius - Strength, Judgement, The Chariot & The Hermit

Camellia moved the food around her plate, her eyes glazed over as they focused on a different reality. Images moved rapidly across her vision; too quick and blurry for others to realise but making sense to her. Within moments these images dissipated to reveal the vague images she had made with her linguini. Immediately she scraped her fork across the bowl, producing a sharp noise that made the others cringe while also obscuring the image.

"Camellia? What's wrong?" Beck asked, looking up from his own plate. He preferred not to dilly dally with small talk. "Did you... see something?"

"Yes," she said rather bluntly, "it was quite interesting, too!" she added, grinning. Anything else she was going to add was completely derailed by the entrance of their more rambunctious sibling.

"So where's the pizza?" Flint said, kicking open the door with a cloud of smoke around him. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he was doing this morning.

"You're late," Marcus said to Flint as he stumbled through the door. Marcus didn't bother to even glance in the direction of his brother and instead turned his attention back to his Capricciosa Salad, although he could smell the faint odour of herbs hanging about Flint's person. "As usual," he added, spearing a small tomato with his fork and bringing it up to his mouth.

"And you're ugly. But you don't see me pointing out the obvious," retorted Flint sarcastically as he fell into his seat and kicked his legs up onto the table. Marcus replied with a death glare towards Flint's, but didn't bother retaliating verbally. He had come to expect this kind of behaviour from Flint by now.

Camellia suppressed a giggle to herself. Their constant power plays with each other always made her laugh. “Silly boys,” she muttered to herself, elbowing Beck in the process. “How is the research going?”

"Okay, I guess," he said, returning to his plate. "Right now, I'm studying renaissance Italy between the 16th and 17th century. I mean, I've already done work on it before but, well..." He ended the sentence with a shrug, putting a slice of carrot into his mouth.

"Beck, for the hundredth time, take your books off the table," Marcus said to his younger brother sternly. "This is not your study. This is the dining room."

"Sorry." Beck pulled the book off the table, placing it in his lap.

"Marcus, relax," she ruffled the remnants of Beck's hair affectionately; "let him study at the table if he wants." She wound her fork around the bowl, gathering a small amount of pasta and eating it.

"I'm not being unreasonable, Camellia," Marcus replied, digging into his salad once more. "The boy has all day to study in his room, which he does. I only ask that he avoids doing so during family gatherings."

"Sorry," Beck repeated, lowering his head further into his plate.

"Marcus. Pull the stick out of your ass. Seriously," Flint said, fiddling with the food on his plate. There was a sharp knock at the door prompting an end to their brief discussion.

"What now?" Marcus sighed. Camellia got out of her chair, skipping merrily over to open the door for their visitor. After a brief exchange of words, Camellia turned to Marcus, "I think you need to come and hear this, Marcus."

Marcus picked up the napkin from his lap and wiped his mouth before promptly standing up and walking towards the door. Camellia stood in discussion with one of the Family's private guards, who looked quite flustered and out of breath. His brow was furrowed and he spoke to her in hushed tones. At the sight of Marcus appearing behind her he quickly bowed in respect and switched his attention to the eldest de Telarius sibling.

"What's going on?" Marcus asked the guard. Beck stood up to get a better look at the newcomer, placing his book back on the table.

"Sir, it seems a dozen thieves have made off with a rather large portion of coin from the island's bank."

"Where are the rest of Swords?" Marcus quickly asked.

"Scouting through the town, sir."

Camellia stumbled to the side, raising a hand to her head as a vision flashed across her mind's eye, "Marcus, Oda has spotted a handful of thieves over at the docks. You should send some Swords over to help her!" Her sight remained slightly blurred as she rested her back against the door frame.

Marcus placed a hand to his chin and thought briefly to himself. With a glance at his family an idea popped into his head. "Inform the other Swords to engage the thieves at their own discretion. I will direct my family to trap them on the island."

"But... the ball! The ball is tonight! Who's going to be there looking after the guests if you're gone, Marcus?" Beck stepped over to join the conversation amongst his older siblings.

"If we can deal with this quickly enough, we should be back in time. Come on," Marcus said determinedly, "We have work to do."

"Aww. I was planning on not doing anything today. Do I have to go?" Flint said with his mouth full, spitting the remnants of half chewed food everywhere. He had just woken up and couldn't be bothered working already. Especially not with Marcus ordering him around.

"Flint, this is not the time! We are apart of La Famiglia. Whether a member of Swords or Cave, our duty is to the service of Regalo. And as a member, you will fulfil your duty and do it proudly."

"Fine. Whatever." The moment Marcus turned away he rolled his eyes and pulled a face.

"Are you sure that is wise, sir?" questioned the guard.

"Don't worry." Marcus replied, grabbing his dress jacket from its coat hanger. "I've got an idea. Camellia, I need you to locate something to me."

She looked up from her palms, "do you mean the thieves?"

"No. Better. Find me that carrier ship."

Camellia bit her lip, thinking it over. "I don't know. I mean, I can do that, it is not out of my reach, but I have no idea as to how clear the vision will be, much less how clearly I will be able to describe it." The limitations of her ability annoyed her somewhat.

Marcus walked over and put an arm over her shoulder. "Stay focused. I know you can do this. Trust yourself."

"There is no doubt that I trust myself, it is this ability that I am wary of."

"Yeah, Camellia," Beck assured her. "I've seen you track lost socks in seconds. A boat is bigger so it should be easier, right?"

The guard's eyes flicked from each one of the de Telarius siblings to the next before taking his leave, running down the hall to alert others of the situation.

Camellia took a deep breath as she returned to her seat at the table. If only her ability were as thoughtlessly easy as breathing or walking. Taking another deep breath she closed her eyes, feeling her body slowly grow heavy as if she was in a pool of quicksand. From the neck down her body felt heavy and immovable, but her head remained clear and airy as she felt herself slip into a state where she could properly witness her visions. Numerous scenes flashed across her mind's eye too rapidly to follow, unless she willed herself to focus on that unfolding timeline. The more she delved into the visionary world, the more disconnected she felt from reality.

A flicker caught her eye and she saw through the eyes of a thief crashing through bushes. Similar clips overlapped and soon she saw the dizzying image of four different people running through different terrains, all overlapping one another. She followed them through their combined paths until her vision opened up into a premonition of their future destination.

Camellia woke with a start, gasping for air. "In the eye of the bow, freedom awaits. The moon as a guide, safety in its risen state," she stammered, repeating again once her breathing had returned.

Marcus pondered this for a moment, but his eyes were trained on Beck, whom he expected to be the first to figure out Camellia's cryptic words. His hunch wasn't wrong as when he looked to Beck, the youngest sibling's eyes were darting back and forth, searching through his mind for an answer.

"The eye of the bow... The moon..." Beck began, murmuring to himself. He reread encyclopaedias in his mind, their words flashing past him, until...

"I've got it!"

* * *

Breathing hard, Adrian stumbled over the crown of the hill surrounding the bay. Three other shadows emerged from the bushes, each sweating profusely and panting. Smiling in anticipation of their departure from the island and, with stolen money in hand, they all slid down the side of the hill.

Once on the boat, they sank into fishing nets and onto crates, anything that would support their weight. Congratulating each other, they shouted to the Captain.

"Hey, Captain! Let's get this boat moving!" Adrian yelled.

"Oh I'm sorry," A voice said from the wheel, Marcus appeared carrying the unconscious captain over his shoulder, dropping him onto the ground next to him. Flint and Beck appeared on either side of Marcus, Camellia hovering just behind him. "Captain's not in at the moment." Marcus said to the thieves, adjusting the gauntlets on his arms. "And you're not going anywhere."
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