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Lucy - Mt. Coronet Village
To be blunt, Lucy did... not understand the significance of that last name whatsoever. She did however understand that this was a grave and that it was none other than the grave of Amethyst's parents. Who /burried/ people anymore?--Oh right. This happened in the past. Ancient stuff and all. Lucy's reaction was honestly to slowly reach over and pull Amethyst against her, still crouched down, and hug the smaller girl there in a possessive manner. She didn't really know what to say, but dangit Amethyst! Lucy carried you up a mountain /inside her body/, and if that doesn't say 'I love you' she didn't know what did. Because...y'know, Lucy didn't know how to actually just say that.

It was then that an unfamiliar voice interrupted her. Lucy maintained the hug for a moment before letting go and standing up next to Amethyst, holding the smaller girl's hand in a supportive manner. Oh... it was a boy!

"What's it to you?" she asked in a slightly annoyed manner. "That's personal..." she continued in a softer, but still distant and ever so slightly hostile tone. This wasn't a world of pleasantries. Bay had options. He could try to be assertive and/or perhaps dominant, pushing for what he wanted and perhaps using hostility to try to intimidate the female into ceasing her own. After all, she probably didn't /want/ to fight, right? Ooor he could take the goody two shoe route and be nice about everything, and try to earn the information he wanted in a willing manner. It was his choice. Lucy however, wasn't quite done.

"Hey, how do I look?" she asked super casually, a hint of curiosity bleeding into her voice. She turned and showed off her looks a bit. twisting her body to give him several differently angled views. She was wearing old sneakers and blue jeans, and a mildly dark green jacket hanging open around a red dress tucked into her jeans. She had an oddly filled out body-build as a result of having plenty to eat compared to most people, which did wonders for her curves and feminine figure. Her fashion sense was probably lackluster though, given the fact that only a small portion of girls actually went out of their way to dress very well anymore. Lucy for instance just used what was convenient and/or practical.
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