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"We're finally here! I say we go grab some food first, and then go stop by the gym to say hey to Morty before we head over to the ceremony," said Randy as he walked into Ecruteak City. He looked over his shoulder as he spoke to his ghost pokemon floating a couple of feet behind him. "I don't know about you Spook, but that walk sure got me hungry!"

"Gengar!" said Spook eagerly.

Together, the two walked around the city for a few minutes before coming across a small sandwich stand with a sign on it that displayed a picture of a cartoon sandwich with big eyes and grin with its tongue hanging out in a hungry way. The place itself was a bit on the small side but it seemed to attract some attention; there were a fair amount of people in line at the window of the stand as well as those standing around already eating sandwiches. As he watched other people eat their sandwiches and breathed in the delicious smell in the air, his stomach grumbled with hunger. He quickly secured a spot in line. After what seemed like forever, Randy finally made his was up to the counter of the stand.

"What can we make for you sir?" asked the sandwich girl.

"Yeah I'll have uh... one turkey sandwich with bacon, mayonnaise, and cheese. Oh and uh... one strawberry soda with a bag of chips please," said Randy as he recited the words from the menu.

"Okay, your total is five dollars," said the girl as she took down his order and wrote it on a white slip of paper. "Your order will be ready in about five minutes, we will call your number when it's ready."

After digging around in his pockets he found a five dollar bill and handed it over in exchange for a receipt, which had his order number 420 on it. He went and stood off towards the side of the area while waiting for his number to be called. He pulled out his pokegear and began to play a game on it to entertain himself for the moment.

"Hey, Randy!" called someone nearby, causing Randy to quickly pick his head up in surprise. He looked around and for a moment before he saw Morty walking toward him, followed by his own Gengar. The gym leader approached and the two punched fists in a friendly greeting.

"Hey what's up Morty! Funny running into you here," laughed Randy. "I was actually planning on stopping by the gym to say hey after I got something to eat here."

"Oh well good thing I happened to walk by here then, right? So I haven't seen you in a while, how have things been and what brings you to Ecruteak?" asked Morty.

"Well I heard about the Suicune tribute tonight and-" began Randy, but he was interrupted by the voice of the sandwich girl calling his number out. "Hold on that's my number, let me grab my food right quick."

Randy walked over to the counter and picked up his food and drink. He thanked the girl and walked back over to Morty and their pokemon. Morty was laughing as he watched the two Gengar make faces at each other.

"Those two always clown around when they get together," laughed Morty. "But anyway I figured you were here for the tribute, I was on my way there now since it's about to start and I hear they are starting to let people in. C'mon with me and we can talk on the way."

"Thounds good thoo me!" said Randy through a mouthful of sandwich. He had greedily done away with half the sandwich already.

As Randy and Morty set off in the direction o the dance theatre, the two friends chatted casually while catching up. Morty went on about past gym battles as Randy told stories of what he had gone through on his travels. The conversation eventually led to the odd wild pokemon behavior after Randy mentioned his encounter with the angry Poliwag.

"It all just seems so weird though. Do you know anything about what has been going on so far?" asked Randy while they walked.

"Well to be honest I don't know too much about it since I've been so busy running the gym lately," Morty said with a little sigh. "But Eusine would be the right person to ask. He is a friend of mine and will be at the Suicune ceremony tonight. As a legendary beast expert, nobody would be more suitable to ask than him. I'll introduce you two tonight at the tribute so you can meet."

"Sounds good, looking forward to meeting him! Look, we made it here now," said Randy gesturing up ahead of them. As they neared the entrance to the dance theatre, people were already seen arriving.

Two of the Kimono Girls stood at the doorway greeting people as they walked through the curtains of the entrance. One of them was accompanied by a Jolteon, while the other had a Flareon at her side. As people were being admitted Randy and Morty made their way towards the entrance, their Gengars floating behind.


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