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Hello, I have a question for IV training. Plumpufoof here on the advanced Breeding section, mentions info on IV chain breeding, where he is trying to train a Beldum. Here's what he says:

IVs are not all generated random as you may already know. In fact without using power items your Pokemon will inherit 2 to 5 of it's parents IV's.
The rest are generated randomly.
It is generated with priority like this:
1) Power items
2) One random stat from either parent (Not HP or Def)
3) One random stat from either parent (Not HP)
4) Two random stats from opposite parents
What I don't understand here is that, it does say that the offspring gets 2 to 5 IVs from it's parents, but when it comes to the priority stats listed above, how does it work? Does the offspring ALWAYS get the IV from the power item, then one random stat from either parent (not HP or Def), and so on, I mean, does he get ALL 5 IVs in these order, or if not, is there a chance the offspring can get, let's say, only 3IVs, and skip the IV stat that is favored by the Power Item, then get all three IV stats from the rules above (example, the 1st IV stat is a random from either parent, excluding HP and DEF, the second from either parent, excluding HP, etc.)?
Moving on,
So you would think to put two Power items on to increase the likelihood of getting two good stats. Well not necessarily true. You have 50% chance of either occurring but the likelihood of the other will be randomly assigned as normal.

Here is a personal account of chain IV Breeding using two power Items:
I want a Beldum with at least 30 in Attack and Speed, but I also want bulk in Def and Sp Def as well as HP
HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence, Speed

Ditto (20, 9, 16, 31, 11, 31) + Beldum (5, 1, 31, 28, 30, 21) = Beldum (9, 9, 31, 16, 30, 31)
Ditto (30, 30, 3, 24, 28, 6) + Beldum (9,9,31,16,30,31) = Beldum ( 30, 30 31, 14, 28, 31)

Of course I did fill up a box and a half of failed babies.
The trick to chain IV breeding, is that when you find a baby with more IVs in all the stats you switch one of the Pokemon out, and give it a new power item (or Everstone).
Not all that difficult once you have the hang of it.
So here's the part that is even more difficult for me to understand, and most important for me.
He has a Ditto (which has to be found with those IVs, right? I mean, Dittos can't be bred ), and pairs it with Beldum1, giving Beldum2 as an offspring. The baby has received the DEF and SP DEF IV stats from the Beldum parent and the Speed IV stat from Ditto. So I know that I can use one power item to "transmit" one of these stats, but how are the two other stats transmitted? I know this has to do with the priority list mentioned above, but how does it work when you have an egg?
Same thing with the second breed, he got the offspring from the first breed and bred it with another Ditto. How did ALL of his desired stats transfer to the final Beldum?
Can anyone, pleease, help me breaking this down? I'm not a native English speaker, although I do write, read and understand well, but still, I've read the guide several times and had a hard time understanding it 100%... Especially this part.
Thank you very much.

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