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Reinhard Ossur- Floor 8, Level 22

“Reinhart, you romantic. Why didn’t you tell me you were getting hitched?” She teased him as she approached, her hand punching him softly in the shoulder. He was a bit caught off guard by the gesture, never being that touchy with someone. Much less a girl.

Elise walked up to the wolf and stooped to its level, her hands running through its thick fur. “Between you and me,” she whispered to the wolf, her tone low but not low enough so Reinhart couldn’t hear her. “I think you could do better.” She rubbed her hand against its chin before standing and facing Reinhart again. He was much taller than her, but she didn’t feel intimidated. Elise teased almost anyone when she had the chance.

“So, ready to go?”

"Of course I am. Glad to see you appear to be doing well. You can call my familiar Canis by the way. And considering he hasn't ripped your throat out yet, he likes you. You are lucky to say the least," Reinhard said, reversing the teasing from earlier. Reinhard sent a formal party invite to Elise and nodded his head quickly.

Floor 8's Dungeon has been located! That message beeped across Reinhard's hud. It was a bit ironic really. It was a message that Reinhard was eagerly waiting, really.

"Looks like some people beat us to finding it at least. Maybe we should take on the boss instead. Up for it? Or are you too much of a…girl to take on a challenge?"

Reinhard was sure that she wouldn't back down from a challenge like that. After all, they did intend to find the boss whether they knew it or not when they asked the other to join them on scouting out Floor 8's dungeon. Reinhard was a borderline front liner by now and Elise was working her way up. They were strong. They were ready. All they needed was a bit of a push. One Reinhard was more than willing to provide. All Elise needed was to take the bait.

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