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As the Corpish retreated with a menacing, final clack of its claws, Leka let out a defiant bark. Puffing out his chest, before circling around and trotting back to Evie, tail wagging. Evie on the other hand, was now doubled over, hands firmly clamped to her knees, as she sucked in air, her chest moving quickly with sharp intakes of short breath. Ok, so she was slightly unfit, but she hadn’t thought it had really mattered, till now.

“Good… to…see… you’re…ok” she puffed, looking up through a tangled curtain of silver hair. The green ribbon which had been holding back the mass, had come undone during her sprint, but she would worry about that whenever she regained her poise. She didn’t bare think about what her company thought of her now.

When at last she caught her breath, she stood, sweeping back her hair with a quick flick of her hand. Revealing her small oval face, her cheeks still slightly flushed from the exertion, with her dark eyes focusing on the retreating form of the Corpish. Reaching down and stroking Leka’s ears affectionately, she pulled her gaze away from the silhouette, as it dip down under the waves, meeting the amber gaze of Leka. “Well done” she smiled, flashing her lop sided smile once more as he nuzzle into her hand. “Just remind me to work out more often after this”

Leka snorted in reply, before shaking his head and moving off to the join the other Pokémon. He wanted to compliment them on their work; they had some pretty impressive moves to say the least.

Straightening she beamed at the boy, before nodding at him in greeting. “You sure you’re ok though? That was some fight you managed to get yourself into there.” At this she walked forward, offering a hand up t help the boy down from the rock. “I’m Evie by the way. That the black ball of fur” she chuckled, nodding towards Leka’s retreating back “is Leka.”

Glancing over her shoulders, she dipped her head to Wyatt and Jay, her lips curling slightly in a shy smile. “Thanks for the help guys, we make some team! Really sorry about the hurried departure though, figured the situation needed immediate action. Can we start over?”


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