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Dear Anonymous,

you dumped me yesterday, and you're now going to meet some wee girl you used to like on Saturday. can you imagine how much that hurts me even more?

i didn't care if it was me making most of the effort in our relationship. i didn't care if i had to always go to your house. i didn't care if you were busy with exams, Uni, moving out, i didn't care. i wasn't gunna let it stop us being together. yesterday i sat for 3 hours crying in front of you, but i was trying to hide the sheer amount of hurt you were putting me through. i tried being so positive, only for you to always give me a negative point back. i told you yesterday i wasn't giving up. that i wasn't gunna let the fact that you're busy end everything we had. i told you i didnt mind if you were busy, that we don't need to see eachother every week even though we both wanted to. i said that we can always talk through texts or call eachother, that we could see eachother every so often and that it'd give you something to look forward to.. you said to me that you didn't wanna get more attached as you were getting busier and busier, yet attachment is a pretty big part in a relationship?

you threw our relationship away over one little thing. at the end of the day if you really loved me... you wouldn't of let the fact you're busy end our relationship. after everything i did for you... i cancelled my 18th birthday party cause i wanted to spend it with you.. i bought you a lot of things.. i put you first before anyone else.. i guess i wasn't good enough. maybe i should really listen when people tell me i'm too nice... i always get taken for granted. i loved you waaayyyyyy more than my other exes. before you i said i wasn't letting anyone else into my life because of what i went through with my last ex... i thought you were different and took a chance with you, only for you to make my year more worse than it already was. you dumped me after knowing how hurt i was getting dumped last time... and now that I've been dumped two times in a row, safe to say i deffinately WON'T be letting a guy into my life for a long time.

i can't eat. i haven't eaten in two days. i'm already thin enough as it is... i can't sleep. i can't talk to anyone. i'm not myself and won't be for a while. i can't even socialise with my friends because I'm now depressed... all because of you abruptly dumping me after i loved you so much.. the amount of emotional pain i am going through right now is indescribable.

thanks for leaving me, and inducing a heartbreak on me. it was nice being with you and having a relationship where no arguing was involved. shame i wasn't good enough for you. goodbye... ):