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Hi! This is my fanfiction "Here We Go Again". It features Advance, Ikari, Teencare, and Orange Shippings! Comments would be appreciated.

Here's the prologue:

They called him "Master." His name was Ash Ketchum and he had defeated the Indigo League. Two times, actually. He won the League three years ago and defeated the Elite Four of that year, Lance Wataru, Bruno Siba, Agatha Kikuko, and Lorlei Kanna. Last year, he won the Silver Conference and he then defeated Siba again, former Kanto Gym Leader Koga Kyo, Will Itsuki, and Karen Manion. He also defeated Lance again after he arose to the Championship. Now, Ash has to take on the Hoenn League after defeating all 8 gyms. He has to defeat 5 trainers in one-on-one battles. The only people that can watch are his companions Brock, May, and Max and the other trainers that he must battle. Representing the diverse types of Dark, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Steel, will he be able to defeat them?

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