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What were your favorite rumors that went around during the hay day of the 3rd generation? Did you believe them? Did you try to perform what was required by them? Feel free to discuss and add anything else you feel is relevant!

Now, the biggest rumor that I was hearing during that time was that you could get Deoxys through the space shuttle in Mossdeep. That scientist is supposed to say a specific number of successful launches has gone through and then he asks if you would like to go to space. If you say yes, you go to the moon (or something) and fight Deoxys. There was also a rumor about getting him (or it might have been Jirachi) through talking to that white rock in Mossdeep. And I also remember something about fighting all the trainers in the game, including e-card trainers from e-reader and then you could go through the door in that guy's house in Lilycove and you got it there. Something like that? I'm not so sure.

I don't remember any FRLG rumors, but I do remember people still being all over that "Mew under the truck" thing from RBY, so I think that started up again.

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