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I've been to, I believe, one midnight film showing: Inception. And it was kinda by accident as well. I was getting the train back into London after visiting my parents, and my housemate was out at a house party. Turns out I'd forgotten the keys to my house so needed something to do soooooooo Inception midnight screening. Dunno how I managed to get tickets at such short notice - and IMAX ones to boot - but I somehow managed to get in and watch it with hundreds of other crazy Nolan fans!

When I was younger, I queued for two Harry Potter books at midnight. I believe it was #4 and #5, but I could be wrong. The first time, I got there at about 11:45 and was about fourth in line. The next year... nooooooooooooo. Got there an hour earlier and had to queue for over an hour before we were allowed in the shop. Put me off midnight anything. That is, until Inception! :P
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