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Adelaide Smith
Littleroot Town/Route 101


Not for the first time in her life, Adelaide was thankful for the friendly interface of technology, as she flipped through the status of Ralts on her Pokedex. She slipped the device back into one of her pockets with a smooth hand motion, as she saw Ralts looking around the area from beneath the charcoal hat and felt the breeze roll through her own trim hair; she would let the little girl keep it, at least for now. She had to decide on a name first, though, as she knelt down before Ralts once again and met her eyes. The most defining features, for Adelaide, were the caul atop Ralts' head, the apparent demeanor of a little girl, and the fact that she had psychic abilities.

Those three things pointed to Changelings of various myths; the fairy children who would be left in place of normal children and grow up with unnatural powers, often characterized by a helmet atop their heads. Just like the one Adelaide's cap was covering now. But Changeling wasn't a suitable name all by itself; far too long, and not nearly pretty enough, but the word had no etymology that the teen knew of. So a mutation would be needed, and it didn't take long for Adelaide to decide on Chanel. A word from her mother's home, most often recognized as a company of high fashion named after the visionary herself; Coco Chanel. It was quite fitting, for the little dress Ralts seemed to mimic.

"Ralts," Adelaide spoke with a confident smile to the Pokemon, as she held her upturned hand out to it. The Pokemon turned its head up, with tiny eyes looking out from beneath the front of her cap. "I want to name you Chanel, for it fits every aspect of what you are and will become. A Pokemon of great beauty, power, and mystery; do you accept, and will you travel with me?" She asked, though she was aware that her last Oran berry had already been used, so Ralts would need to be healed. She was fairly sure, however, that there was a healing device in Professor Birch's lab that she'd be able to make use of.

The Ralts was silent for a few moments before it placed its soft hand in Adelaide's and give a small, yet determined nod. This was followed by another happy noise, as Adelaide hugged Chanel tightly against her chest and grinned at her with more enthusiasm than she thought possible so far; her team was two-strong and she had some pockets filled with berries. Before she could mentally gloat too much, however, there was a cough followed by a squawk to the side of the new comrades, as Basana pointed her wings around in the air and tottered about on her spindly legs as if there was something to be aware of. The two saw nothing but grass and mounds, however, and looked back at the Torchic curiously.

Basana frowned in response to their ignorance and took in a big breath of fresh air, before letting herself cough again. This time, its trainer did see what the fuss was bout, as a thin gout of flame blew out from its beak and blew away into nothingness before it could collide with anything. "Your first piece of ghost-fire." Adelaide said proudly, as her starter gave a proud nod in response and let out another burst of the flames that could barely light a candle. "We can't try it out on anything yet, but why don't we heal up and take a stroll through the tall grass?" The trainer suggested with a thumbs-up to the Torchic, who looked down at the ground briefly before giving a nod.

With that decision made, Adelaide returned Ralts to her Pokeball and returned it to her pocket; the Pokemon's legs were a little stubbier than Torchic's and she didn't seem to be the sort to be running about often. Besides, any more than one Pokemon followed her around the paths likely would have attracted more wild Pokemon, and she didn't want either of them to get into any more fights than necessary. Despite the fact that she knew it was only a trip to the Pokecenter to get them revived, Adelaide found herself not wanting them to faint; especially not while trust between her and Chanel hadn't been formed. Besides, the little thing was absolutely adorable. If she could build its confidence to Basana's level, it could grow formidable.

Along the way back to Littleroot Town, Basana walked along with her head facing the sky while she gargled fire in her beak in an attempt to muster up a bigger flame, and they drew no attention from any other wild Pokemon along the way. Just as the pair were about to enter the boundaries of Littleroot Town, however, a pair of black boots stepped out from around the corner of Anna's house, to reveal the girl herself standing there with a few bustled braids but a determined look on her face. Though the girl seemed a bit strange, Adelaide did remember promising to meet up with her at some point, and she was eager for a battle with another trainer.

"Hi!" The teen trainer called over to Anna with a wave of her fingers, as she strolled in the direction of Professor's Birch's lab, and the healing device that sat on the outside walls for ease-of-access. "I just got back from training and catching; and I see you found your boots." Adelaide pointed out with a bit of a grin, as she briefly retrieved Basana and placed both of her filled Pokeballs in the sliding steel device. With a gentle shove, the tray slid into the wall along with a low humming noise. As Anna approached, Adelaide's attention turned to the fact that Anna didn't have a Pokemon following her as she walked around, but then, the one she was yelling at earlier did seem to be acting naughtily.

"Yes. I just got them on." Anna said, as she briefly leaned besides the healing device and looked Adelaide over with her strangely crystalline pair of eyes. It was almost like being strip-searched, but at least a tiny bit less invasive. The girl's eyes ended up on Adelaide's bob of hair, before she nodded and began to walk towards one of the open patches of grass within the town limits. "Would you like to battle?" The black-clad girl called over her shoulder, as her heavy braids stood still in the breeze and pale fingers ran over the two Pokeballs attached to her own belt; one of them marked with a broom and the other branded with what seemed to be a caltrop.

"Wow, yeah, okay." Adelaide responded with a skeptical gaze at her supposed friend, who already seemed quite eager to jump into a battle. But, as she released a hopping Basana, she realized that her own Pokemon seemed eager to get into the fight, too. She strolled up to the patch of dirt opposite the one Anna had chosen and directed her little orange bird into the space before her. "Ready?" She asked with a friendly smile shot her opponent's way, which Anna responded to in kind as she released her first Pokemon. Both Adelaide and Basana's eyes widened at the sight of the bulky creature before them, that stood twice as tall as any of the other Pokemon the trainer had encountered so far, and with far more girth.

Adelaide's Pokedex began to spew information on the armor-plated Pokemon as Anna's challengers looked it over. The Larvitar was covered with lime hide at least three inches thick, that flared into a tail at its behind and a broad horn atop its head that seemed to follow Basana's movements. Its underbelly was cut partly crimson, perhaps revealing the skin beneath its plating, and lead in a black-diamond pattern up to its eyes marked with what seemed to be tribal markings. Those eyes were what unnerved Adelaide the most, as they focused in on its opponents with all the determination of any seasoned battler. While the Pokedex informed her it wasn't weak to fire, it was also the lowest stage of its evolution, and Basana was her best bet for the moment.

At least, until she could see what her opponent could do. "Basana, use your ghost-fire." Adelaide ordered Torchic calmly, while she spotted Anna eyeing up her Pokedex in a mixture between curiosity and envy; it only took a cursory glance over her friend's victorian attire to see that she had no such thing, but the beast of a starter Pokemon likely made up for it. Basana began the fight with a few steps forward, hopping side to side while its chest puffed up in preparation for its first in-battle use of flames, but to both of their surprise, this Larvitar was quite speedy itself, upon Anna's issued command.

"Sandstorm." Anna didn't so much declare the attack as suggest it, but it was enough for Larvitar to leap into the air with its muscular little legs and bring with it a rainbow of colors that seemed to emanate from its body like a lava lamp. Basana was already in the mind for battle, and went undeterred by the light show as she let loose a burst of fireballs from her gullet and hopped back to the side to avoid a potential body slam. This was not meant to be, as the Larvitar came crashing to the ground on its haunches and slammed every inch of settled dust with its collision. The dust swirled swiftly around it to form a shield that simply pushed away Basana's fireball, before it grew and grew to fill the entire battlefield with golden sand.

Before Bana could even attempt to dodge the oncoming storm, she was buffeted by the rivulets of grain that sunk in threw her feathers and misbalanced her feet. A glance back to her trainer gave her the image of Adelaide scrambling to pull up her Pokedex, studying the details of the move and just how she could counter it. If the Larvitar didn't bring down Basana, the sandstorm itself would. She couldn't put just Chanel out against the dangerous opponent, unless...unless she remembered what she'd read in Chanel's entry earlier. The fact that this Larvitar could simple evade Basana's embers let Adelaide know that its ability would let it hide in the sand.

And Chanel's ability was to mimic the powers of her opponent. A smirk of brief triumph came to Adelaide's lips with the forming of her plan; the ability to defend would give her Ralts a chance against the more powerful opponent. "Come back, Basana." Adelaide ordered her Torchic, who happily ran from the sandstorm and back into her Pokeball while the Larvitar seemed to be doing some form of dance on the opposite side of the field. Anna just seemed to watch as Adelaide released Chanel in an aura of white, which was swiftly overcome by the violet glow of psychic energy. Instead of being rocked by the sandstorm, Chanel was embraced within its confines just like the opposing Larvitar.

"Chanel, hit it with everything you've got." Adelaide urged the small ivory Pokemon with an encouraging thumbs up; she knew it was dangerous to put her frail new Pokemon up against this opponent, but she had a better shot with Chanel than Basana. As Ralts wandered into the center of the battlefield with a somewhat determined swagger, though the fact that she couldn't meet her opponent's eyes spoke of her true nature, the Larvitar charged forward with surprising speed as its maw opened wide, to reveal several rows of teeth simply made for biting into things. A lump formed in Adelaide's throat in the moment before they collided with Chanel; she recognized that move.

The bite connected with Chanel's arm, digging into it and causing her to cry out softly. Yet, the Ralts was disinterested by the damage done to her from the attack, as she pulled her arm out of the Larvitar's jaw and slammed her helmet into its armored head, colliding with a burst of psychic energy that caused it to stumble backwards on misplaced steps. Adelaide could think of nothing but what a glorious creature Chanel was for staying relaxed through the attack and coming back with an attack that seemed to have worked quite well on her opponent; with both the sand and the remnants of confusion on their side, there was a far better chance of lasting to the next Pokemon...even if she was close to fainting.

"Bite." Anna ordered again, though her smile was a little less enthusiastic with this command than the last, as Larvitar hopped to its feet in preparation to attack and dashed forward to attack its opponent again. However, each step wobbled a bit to the side on the grass until it ended up far to the side of Chanel and reared its head back, only for its teeth to sink into its own arm and make it yelp in pain at the sudden attack. Adelaide had to bit her own bottom lip to keep from giggling, before Ralts' horns glowed violet and lashed out at the confused Larvitar past the swirls of golden sand. The whips of purple energy overwhelmed the last of Larvitar's defenses, as it crumpled to the ground. "You did well." Anna soothed the beam of energy as it returned to her Pokeball, and she called out her last fighter to face the troublesome Ralts.

Luckily for Adelaide and Chanel, the next Pokemon was both less intimidating and more familiar, as its bulbous blue head emerged from the dazzling white light, complete with a pair of dangling, slimy tentacles and matching red orbs sitting atop its head. By the looks of Anna's frown, she knew about the type advantage as well, which explained her frustration at having lost Larvitar in the last round. Nevertheless, her order was quick and the Tentacool's actions just as swift, as its center orb glowed purple and a triplet of tiny spikes emerged from its forehead, aimed directly at Chanel. Adelaide couldn't let Basana face another Pokemon it would be weak too, and she knew from surviving Larvitar's bite that Chanel had enough bulk to take another attack like this one.

At the sight of the homing spikes of poison, Chanel pulled her arms up to cover her face from potential protrusion, while gathering the last ounces of her energy to launch a counterattack. The venomous edges of Tentacool's barbs scratched along the Ralts' torso and arms as they passed, spreading the hurtful venom throughout the Pokemon. Despite this, she refused to give in to the damage she'd taken so far and let loose an uncontrolled burst of energy at the unsuspecting Tentacool, whose limbs flailed as it attempted to move away, but the wave passed over it too swiftly. They ran over its aphotic skin like the water it was so used to, burning the poison within its stingers and exhausting its own reserves of energy.

The squid Pokemon flopped to the ground, marking Chanel as the winner of the battle even as she swayed from side to side with the poison's spread. As Anna retrieved her Tentacool, Adelaide rushed into the sandstorm and snatched Chanel away from its grip before she could be buffeted by it any further. The trainer came out along Anna's side of their battlefield, stumbling into a roll with the Ralts in her arms, as she swiftly stuffed a Pecha berry between the tiny Pokemon's lips. Although Chanel's chews were quite weak, she hadn't yet fainted, which Adelaide knew very well as Anna loomed over her head and looked down with a smile on her painted lips.

"You're good." Anna complimented, as she pulled out a money-chip from her belt and placed it softly upon Adelaide's torso, before approaching Professor Birch's healing device to use on her own defeated Pokemon. "We'll have to battle again, sometime, like when I've fought against more trainers. I thought I had the theory, but..." With a shrug of her slender shoulders, Anna left the sentence hanging and snatched her healed Pokeballs from the tray. "Bye." She uttered, as Adelaide got to her feet and watched the strange girl retreat back to the confines of her home. She didn't walk with any loss of pride, but she seemed to be disappointed by something.

With that moment passed, Adelaide healed Basana and Chanel with her own use of the healing device and gave the latter a kiss on the forehead, as she released her from the Pokeball to travel along with on the dirt road. She deserved some time to enjoy the stroll, for the victory she snatched from the jaws of defeat, and seemed to find Adelaide well enough on her own. With her abilities, there'd be less chance of an ambush, as the duo began their walk to Oldale Town. For good, this time.
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