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Originally Posted by Cyanide View Post
hey im not exactly sure what my rotom's learnset should be.. im stuck between to
a "trick" rotom
or a "pain split" rotom.

anyway my rotom is a modest nature with an EV spread as the following

first set the "pain split" set!

pain split

now the trick set
? (my hidden power is not grass)

id have to change the EV spread for the trick set to 252spa 252speed 4 spD but its not that big of a deal seeing as hes only level27. the TRICK set im worried about getting OHKO by something faster then me. and the pain split set i like but am sceptical because ive never used any sets like the two i have presented before.. feedback/ advice please! thank you

Well, your choice will depend on a few factors. Like, what items do you plan on using? Trick Rotom-H functions best with a Timid nature and Choice Scarf / Specs. So you wouldn't necessarily need to worry about being outpaced by another Pokemon.

But this decision comes down to how Rotom-H will compliment your team. If your team is more balanced, Pain Split Rotom-H will serve you better, being bulkier with semi-reliable recovery and the ability to inflict status. However, if your team is more offense oriented and needs a good offensive pivot, Trick Rotom-H with Choice Scarf / Specs will make a strong revenge killer and makes better use of Overheat than Pain Split Rotom-H.
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