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What stat or type changes would you make to some Pokemon to make them more usable?

Personally, I'd change the Unova starters like this:


Add to level up movepool:
Bulk Up
Brick Break
Smack Down
Fire Punch

When I saw Emboar, I expected a very VERY hard-hitting fire type with respectable defense and good HP. Instead, we got a Pikachu-frail low-speed Fighting-Fire type that gets outclassed by Darmanitan and many other Pokemon.
Had they made him just a tad big bulkier, faster, and even more of a hard hitter, it could've been the fighting-fire type that breaks the chain of fire-fighting types being strong, fast, but frail.

Samurott --> Change to Water/Fighting

Add to movepool:
Ice Fang
Cross Chop
Close Combat
Shell Smash

Seriously what the heck, Gamefreak? Why do you guys make a Pokemon themed on samurai NOT be part fighting type? and why is it more oriented to be a Special Attacker when its weapons are talked about so much?
This is how I believe Samurott should've been.

New Hidden Ability:
Swift Swim

Samurott was never a defensive Pokemon, so why give it an ability that would be better off with a Pokemon with a higher defense?

Serperior (Change to Grass/Dragon, or keep the same)

I think Serperior's base stats are fine. Maybe it could use 5 or 10 points more for its offensive stats, but overall I'm happy with its speed and defenses. It's a good Pokemon, it just needs a better movepool when it levels up.

Add to level-up move-set:
Calm Mind
Solar Beam
Energy Ball
Seed Bomb

Anyways, these are the changes I'd make to these Pokemon if I could. What do you guys think? Too overpowered? Too nerfed? What kind of changes would you make to a Pokemon?
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