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Roxas Jaden Asakura
- near the dorms

Roxas blinked a few times at Alice as she tried to explain she was feeling better, she started giggling and thanks to this Roxas got quiet for a few minutes with a slight, boyish blush spreading over his cheeks. When Roxas realized his silence he quickly shaked it off and started pushing Alice gently to the dorms, without even noticing the hotness on his face.

"That doesn't work for me, you're going to rest untill you have fully recovered, we don't want you to get even more sick, do we?" Roxas spoke softly as his hands were on the red-haired girl's shoulder. "And i'm going to make sure you get a god rest, so i will stay to-" Roxas cutted off his own sentence since he was about to say something really embaressing.

Roxas entered the Entei dorms, still pushing Alice forward and he saw how people stared at him since he was wearing a suicune dorm jacket. For some reason he knew where Alice's room was and pushed her inside, waiting outside to give her the chance to pull on her pj's
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