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Yuri smiled. She stopped where she was and sat down. "Her name's Kayla... She's my trainer. I don't like the idea of her being alone... Especially since she's somewhere in the forest..." Molly frowned. "She's not going to get hurt, Yuri. This isn't like last night. I can almost guarantee that no big, bad Scyther is going to hurt Kayla." Lumina giggled. "Yay!" Molly shook her head and set the Litwick down. Lumina ran over to Yuri. "Don't worry!" Yuri nodded.

Rosemary hissed at Aipom. "We were with Yuri!" Primrose sighed. "Um... Is your trainer okay? He kind of ran into a tree. I'm pretty sure that isn't... healthy." Rosemary tried to stifle a laugh, but couldn't. She rolled over onto her back and started to laugh. "That... That was hilarious! Do it again! Do it again!" Primrose looked at her and frowned. "H-How is that funny, Rose?" Rosemary snorted. "Come on, Prim! A guy runs into a tree! That has to be funny!" Primrose shook her head.

Kayla pushed Holly in front of her. "Eat her first! She's more moist!" Holly glared at her. "What does that even mean?! You need to calm down!" She grabbed Kayla's wrist and dragged her into the forest. She froze when she heard the sound of something hitting a tree. Kayla screamed and pushed Holly away from her, grabbing onto a tree. "I'm not going any further!" She shook her head. "That could be a Scyther... Cutting down a tree... I bet what they love cutting up most is little girls!" Holly glared at her. "I'll help you get over this," she muttered. "Hello, bug pokemon! Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Kayla gasped. "You want us to die, don't you?" Holly smiled.
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