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Originally Posted by Went View Post
2006- Todoroki takes over PC, staff drama, blackout theme.
2007- Erica and Jorge quit as admins. Christos gets modded in Rom hacking. I know, not the funniest thing ever. Let's say nothing happened.
2008- Everybody is a mod, supporters become hstaff, staff get demoted. Still have lots of pictures!
2009- Everybody is Todoroki, and we get to use the Cheribii Forums theme!
2010- SlowpokeCommunity theme, everybody gets Slowpoke avatars and all, boards switched around. Pulled the prank the 3rd.
2011- Applesauce day.
2012- Lerroux.
2008 > 2009 > 2011 > 2010 > 2012

In retrospect, Lerroux was really rather a vain prank on behalf of us staff at the time. It was a lot more enjoyable for us than it was for everyone else, after all, and seemed a little condescending looking back.

Still, we do April Fools better than 99.99% of the internet, I'd say. Certainly better than any of our contemporaries.

Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
Applesauce Day is definitely my favourite of the two April Fools' pranks I've been a part of. It was relatively simple but had such a massive impact on the forum as a whole, as it affected everything and caused so much chaos! Lerroux was OK, but very convoluted for what it was. So much effort! I liked it, but Applesauce Day definitely had a charm about it that is going to be hard to replicate next year and in future years.
That is really true. Applesauce day did have an innocent type of charm about it, and I think that's why I feel the way I do now about the Lerroux prank, because it was such a contrast.