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Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

Xoxaa barely had her opportunity to escape the scene, passing behind a row of buildings on the road the guards took, pursuing whatever mayhem was afoot. A sharp noise, similar to the sound one makes to get a dog's attention, was heard coming from the harbor, startling the girl and sending chills up her spine. He stopped walking, paralyzed.

"What was that...?" she contemplated, unsure of exactly where the sound came from or what it was about.

Uncertain of the situation, all she could do is guess what course of action to take. Her thoughts then returned to that woman. The scene earlier looked as if the harbor was mostly vacant save that one woman that looked familiar to someone she recognized in La Famiglia's ranks, and what appeared to be two late entries, one of them being quite boisterous, as she was turning the corner. As for the guards, they were in hot pursuit of someone, and would be too far away to make a noise that loud, and it certainly didn't come from town, as the sound was from the harbor.

"I guess I can check it out..." concluded Xoxaa internally, turning around towards the past intersection to check the harbor once more.

She had almost forgot her sandwich, cooling in her hand, although only a small portion was left so she shoved the last large piece of sandwich between her jaws and devoured the tasty breakfast meal. Looking over from behind a building at the intersection corner, the woman she saw earlier was gone.

"Where'd she..." questioning to herself, moving away from the corner and looking back to her right, in the direction that the guards had gone. "I'm wasting time here."

With her food sliding down her esophagus, her pace could quicken, withdrawing her bottle from her bag, taking a chug out of it, capping it and shoving it back into her bag before taking off in a solid run, chasing after the guards and the commotion. It didn't take long for her to catch up with the guards, still charging towards their prey, running this time towards a far pier in the harbor. It appeared as if whatever they were after would be on a ship in the harbor, as the guards were yelling and pointing in that direction. She decided to pursue behind, avoiding contact with the guards but instead listening in on the commotion, picking up intelligence on the situation.

"Thieves who stole valuable assets it seems..." reaffirms Xoxaa, having fully absorbed the data she heard uttered by the guards. "Judging by the criminal's actions, their numbers, and their directions, they managed to split off, likely to find cover, wait for their ship to pick them up, and take the criminals away, making a clean getaway."

Deducing the situation, Xoxaa then began calculating the next move, however still lacking information on where the other criminals might be located. Only a lone thief made a beeline for the ship, but he could still prove to be a valuable source of data on his cohorts. Apprehending him would be the ideal first move in this scenario, so the girl picked up to a run, going after the ship that the thief boarded. Just as she approached the intersection that the guards, another person, racing forward as was she, moved into Xoxaa's path at the last second.

"Sh!t!" alarmed Xoxaa to herself as her eyes widened in surprise, moving at a speed too fast to adjust for the newly present obstacle, her body hurling into the other woman.

Thud! Collision and unstoppable momentum threw Xoxaa back, landing hard on her back and just barely avoiding a head collision with the hard street. Still, she recovered quickly, getting up into an extended leg sit, glancing back towards the position where she spotted the woman at the last moment.

"Oh sh!t, it's her!" she thought to herself after recognizing the appearance of the woman she crashed into, a "vet" of her own sector no less, although she could not recall her name. "This isn't going to turn out well..."

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