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Quote originally posted by Iceman3317:
I didn't like it very well. The movies for the 5th gen are probably the worst ones I have seen other than the 3rd movie. However, I did like the the voices for the Legedary Swords. Keldeo's voice matched sense he was suppose to be the younger one. I did like how Kyreum wasn't evil and was fairly calm. He just got mad when some little punk challenges him to a battle then runs.
I'm going to have to partially disagree with you because I adored the Victini Movie(s) and watched them several times and wouldn't hesitate to watch it again if someone wanted me to. But generally I liked the movie. It was... different per se. Definitely focused a lot of attention on the legendary and so Ash didn't have much of a role other than to be there for support. At least that's how it felt to me.

However, because Vic voiced Keldeo my sister and I couldn't stop making both MLP + FMA jokes. :|b

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