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Oda Baldotter
Oda watched as Annabelle skipped off to do her own thing with only a nod before she began her sprint across the harbor; while the attitude would need to be worked on, as somebody like that working with money rarely turned out well, but she could admire the enthusiasm. Before she could ponder about her own beginning days working for the Famiglia, the woman reminded herself there were thieves to be caught with the sound of the town guard marching through the streets of Regalo's harbor.

The Adept of Sword's coat danced wildly in the air behind her as she ran, not going fast enough for it to stay uplifted nor slow enough to drag between her legs like an unwieldy tail. One of the students leaving without being present to take care of the thieves on the boat would make things slightly more dangerous, especially for the present guards, but she would be able to take at least one down if she went for whichever thief seemed most dangerous in close-combat. That was where her fighting style worked best.

Unfortunately for the rushing woman, her fighting style didn't adapt for colliding with suddenly-appearing Apprentices, as her form collided with yet another. The fall was brief as she came tumbling over the Apprentice's form, and she barely managed to land in a position that wouldn't leave her in an ungraceful standing. With one palm pushed flat against the ground and her legs kneeling on the ground, she shot a glance to the other member of the Sword Sector.

Oda's eyes were slightly panicked as she saw Xoxaa, for fear of having injured one of Sword's students, but relaxed upon sight of her sitting plainly on the sidewalk. Her interaction with other members of Sword was minimal compared to most other ranks in her sector, but she recognized the young woman from dinner in the manse; the look she got in return was ever so slightly unsettling. Perhaps it was the fact that the coat marked her as one of the higher ranks.

In an attempt to satiate her need to calm the young woman, Oda pulled up to her feet and swiftly offered her han to help Xoxaa up, along with a smile at the corner of her lips. "Xoxaa; I see you're eager to get to work." She jested in an attempt to calm the fallen woman's potential nerves. They were meant to be sisters, in a sense, after all. "Sorry for running into you, but the matter of thieves is still present..." She added, with a glance towards the lit-up boat by the pier.

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