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Originally Posted by sage1029 View Post
So... why can't I put any pokemon into the Route 34 Daycare? I talk to the woman and she says something like: I know about eggs, my husband and i were raising some pokemon you see... " then nothing about putting a pokemon in. the man says something odder: "Ah, it's you! Good to see you. Your GREAT BALL's doing fine." I've also got somethign to the effect of: "Ah its you! Good to see you. Your 533 is doing fine."

So... how can i fix this and put pokemon in. I've never put any in before, and I only just got togepi out of the egg. I don't think I have any bad eggs in my box... Help?

You must be playing an out of date version, because what you've got there is a bad egg. Reason I say you must be playing an old version is because that was all fixed in 3.2 with all the memory modifications we made.

Sadly, a 3.1 gamesave of any variety is incompatible with 3.2.
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