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Update: I just got the 7th Gym Badge, and I'm training Swablu so bad. My God.

Charmeleon Lv. 32 - Fire Fang, Slash, Fly, Dragon Rage
Gyarados Lv. 32 - Surf, Ice Fang, Bite, Dragon Rage
Dragonair Lv. 33 - Thunder Wave, Aqua Tail, Slam, Agility
Shelgon Lv. 32 - Headbutt, Bite, Dragonbreath, Protect
Gabite Lv. 33 - Slash, Dragon Claw, Strength, Shadow Claw
Swablu Lv. 28 - Fly, Return, Sing, Take Down
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Safari Zone: Ice-type, Snover/Bergmite/Dewgong

Emblems awarded so far

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