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Is there and 48FPS IMAX 3D version?

I want to see it in IMAX (I think? Was it shot in it? I have no idea :X). And I want to see it in 48FPS. But not twice.

EDIT: A little research goes a long way. Was not shot in IMAX. So, I'll skip out on that. Was shot in 3D though, plus 48FPS of course.

Anyway, I want to check out the 48FPS version but I'm a little wary. I don't think I'll find it as jarring as some film critics have because games operate at 30 or 60 FPS generally. Probably wouldn't need to adjust. But, apparently it really makes certain flaws stand out more and it takes you out of the experienced. And I don't want that to happen. Jackson's Tolkien movies should be super immersive.
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