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Lucy - Mt Coronet Village
Lucy was mildly disappointed. "Oh..." What could she say. She had hoped to get an opinion from a boy on her new outfit. After all, he had the tools to appreciate it. Right? Or at least that's how she saw it. She had thought the dress looked kind of nice! Perhaps... perhaps if she adjusted a little detail here or there? As Lucy bothered to worry about her new outfit and how it looked on her something far more interesting was going on. Lucy wasn't oblivious, but she didn't let it concern her. As long as this man did what Amethyst wanted, they wouldn't have a problem. That's right buddy. The small one is your boss. Do what she says or I eat you. She really didn't have to place her hand on Amethyst to know how the smaller girl felt. Her tone and body language said it all, not to mention the fact that Lucy was still holding Amethyst's hand in a supportive manner. She didn't let go in fact, but rather looked down at Amethyst and nodded to her approvingly when the man suggested they follow, seemingly indicating that she was not going to be all hyper-protective Mom and send Amethyst to her room for talking to strangers. Frankly, that just wasn't the way Lucy worked, nor did she have a society telling her to work that way. Lucy was a much more laid back guardian.

Needless to say, Lucy proceeded to just sort of... glance at Bay quietly before moving to presumably follow this strange man. It had occurred to her that the fact that he knew Amethyst somehow was very strange, but any implications were lost on her. She was just... lost, and silently hoped for an explanation in the near future.

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