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Sorry bout the delay guys that are actually paying attention this. Con and Finals take a huge toll on me =_= Will get this week's cards tomorrow.

Weiss Schwarz

Beginning of Battle Kirito
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 3000, Soul 1 <Avatar, Weapon>
Generic 0/0 Vanilla. Wasn't expecting to have 2 of them in the same trial deck, but it works.


Cheer Uniform Ellie
Level 2, Cost 1, Pow 5000, Soul 1 <Detective, Book>
[CONT] Assist: Cards in front of this gain Power +X, where X is the the character's Level x500.
[ACT] [Rest 2 of your characters] Choose a card in your level slot and a card in your waiting room and swap them.
Yup, the set theme is most definitely level swapping. If only they had a level-based change effect to assist in that, though the experience ability is going to love this set.


Loyal Retainer Rat
Level 1, Cost 1, Pow 6500, Soul 1 <Phantom Thief, Weapon>
[CONT] If you have another [Loyal Retainer Stone River] and [Loyal Retainer Twenty] in your front row, this card gets Power+2500

Loyal Retainer Stone River
Level 1, Cost 0, Pow 4500, Soul 1 <Phantom Thief, Narcissist>
[CONT] If you have another [Loyal Retainer Twenty] and [Loyal Retainer Rat] in your front row, this card gets Power+1500 and Soul+1.

Loyal Retainer Twenty
Level 1, Cost 0, Pow 5000, Soul 1 <Phantom Thief, Fire>
[CONT] If you have another [Loyal Retainer Twenty] and [Loyal Retainer Rat] in your front row, this card gets Power+2000 and Encore[Discard one card from your hand]
[ACT] [(1)] For this turn, this card is also named "Loyal Retainer Stone River" and "Loyal Retainer Rat".
Another set of all together control. Not as bad as the other one since one character can change it's name, but it doesn't count for itself. If you're building Phantom Thief, it may not be a bad choice, though I'm not really sure what their card pool looks like.


Summer Uniform Sharo
Level 2, Cost 2, Pow 8000, Soul 2 <Detective, Camera>
[CONT] Experience: If the total levels in your Level Zone total to 3 or more, this card gets Power +1000.
[AUTO] You can activate this ability once per turn. When you place a card in the level slot, this card gets Power +1500 for the turn.
This set sure likes this ability. At least it's not on a RR this time around =_=


Joining the Knights of the Blood Kirito
Level 2, Cost 1, Pow 8000, Soul 1 <Avatar, Weapon>
[CONT] During the opponent's turn, this card gets Power +1000
Not sure how I feel about Kirito being on the defensive color. I kinda see him as being a speed type with Yellow or a Technique type with Red.........


Summer Uniform Nero
Level 2, Cost 1, Pow 4000, Soul 1 <Detective, Sweets>
[CONT] Assist: Cards in front of this card get Power +1000.
[AUTO] Change [(1) Send this card to the waiting room] At the beginning of your draw phase, you may pay the cost. If you do, search the waiting room for a "Open and Honest Nero" and put it onto the stage in the slot this card was in.

Open and Honest Nero
Level 3, Cost 2, Pow 9500, Soul 2 <Detective, Sweets>
[CONT] Experience: If the total levels in your Level Zone total to 4 or more, this card gets Power +1000.
[AUTO] When this card is put onto the stage from your hand or through [Change], you may put the top card of your clock into your waiting room.
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if the Climax "Devastated Farm" is in your climax slot, all your characters get Power +3000 for the turn.
Having the level 2 be an assist makes it survivable til you can change into it, and is still a good support otherwise. The level 3 is a pretty solid beater that can spike down the field for a turn with the climax.


Blaster Blade Spirit
Royal Paladin/Human, Grade 2
[AUTO] [V] [CB(1)] When this card is called from the deck to the Rear-Guard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose an opponent's Grade 2 or lower rear-guard and retire it.
[AUTO] [R] At the end of the battle in which this card was attacked, retire it.
[CONT] This card also counts as a "Gold Paladin".
Using the anime of vanguard to bring the two Blasters back, they're 10k beatsticks. The biggest issue with them is that they'll end up dying at the end of battle if they're RG. In addition, the counting as both a Gold and Royal Paladin means that certain abilities that want exclusion of non-clan cards will come into effect, such as Leader.


Dreaming Sage, Corron
Gold Paladin/Giant, Grade 0
[AUTO] Pioneer (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call it to a RG circle.
[ACT] [R] [CB(1), Send this unit to soul] Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, choose up to one card with "Ezel" in the card name, show it to your opponent, and put in into your hand. Shuffle your deck.
Meant to emphasize Blond Ezel and Platinum Ezel, this is effectively a more restricted version of the Top 5 -> Grade 3 starting vanguard. Seeing as there are no Ezels that aren't grade 3, there's really no point to this card right now and you should definitely be using Kryph instead.


Blue Storm Supremecy Glory Maelstrom
Aqua Force/Tear Dragon, Grade 3
[AUTO] [V] LB(5): [CB(1)] When this card attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, for the battle, this card gets Power +5000, and your opponent cannot guard with units that aren't Grade 1 from your hand.
[CONT] [V] If "Blue Storm Dragon Maelstrom" is in your soul, this unit gains Power +2000.
[CONT] [V/R] Leader (If you have a unit that doesn't belong to this unit's clan, this unit cannot attack.)
A pretty mean card. While not holding to the multiattack nature of Aqua Force, this ability is just mean. While perfect guards are still viable, this limits the guard choices to either be perfect guards or multiple 5k guards, and 18k base on it's attack will mess things up if there's no Perfect available. On the bright side, the ability itself comes from a limit break 5, which means that they're only 1 damage away from losing.


Blazing Lion Platina Ezel
Gold Paladin/Human, Grade 3
[ACT] [V] LB(5): [CB(3)] Choose 5 <Gold Paladin> rear guards and give them power +5000.
[CONT] [V] If "Incandescent Lion Blond Ezel" is in your soul, this unit gains Power +2000.
[CONT] [V/R] Leader (If you have a unit that doesn't belong to this unit's clan, this unit cannot attack.)
Also pretty good, the ability boosts your rows by a full 10k on a full field, which is stupidly good. Again, it's limit break 5, so you have to be near death to be able to use it.

This is the second promotional Grade 4 unit to be released, first being a reference/joke card. As the card is limited in time of use, the card is clearly made for the sake of testing purposes. The power is a base 13000, which is also the base power of crossride units with their boost in place. In addition, the ability make it really hard to block, making it base 23000 to guard against not counting the boost, which could bring it over 30000. It'll be nice to see where they'll go with the idea of Grade 4s.

The Engigman Ride chain. The theme of Dimension Police is to unlock skills based off their power. Enigman Storm is especially dangerous because of the extra crit that he gains by being over 15k. Wave will also do well since it gives you hand advantage.

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