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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Not a bad idea, but I think it's most likely they'll stay with the normal format of Ash going to the new region of the next generation. It's because they want the viewers become acquainted with the new region and the new Pokemon. It's also why he resets himeself every region and becomes 10 again. It's so viewers can relate to him and it's become iconic that he's 10.
Not a bad idea though, if they did do that I would see watch it. And they did return to Kanto for the Battle Frontier.
He's right, they always stick with the same format every time a new generation's saga begins. It's for advertising purposes, cos the newest region and Pokemon always have to be promoted and also it makes the new generation of kids become acquainted with the new generation.

This also explains why they reset him every region where he only takes Pikachu with him (in Sinnoh he also had Aipom come with him) and then catches Pokemon from the showcased region.

Also, we already had Ash (along with Brock, May and Max) return to Kanto for the Battle Frontier saga.
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