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Beck de Telarius: The Hermit

"Four of us and four of them. Spread out!" Marcus said once the theives realised who was draped over his shoulder. Without a captain, there was no way they could leave the docks unless one of them knew how to sail a ship and command a crew. Even then, they still had to be pretty peeved about losing their potential ticket out of Regalo. Beck heeded his brother's words, spreading out so that each sibling was facing a theif each. Though he was somewhat combat trained, being in an Alchemist led him to take part in very little 'real' combat. He saw what people could do to their foes, but this was different, right? Beck could rely on his siblings for back up, couldn't he?

"Here goes!" Beck said to himself. If he was armed with a bow and arrow, all he could really do was keep his distance. Of course, he could try and confuse the theif but what would he buy? Maybe a little bit of fighting would show how dumb he was.

So, how scared was he? Beck pulled back an arrow and fired it at the theif's feet. A pleasant reaction would have been him screaming and running away. Of course, things never worked like that.

"You SQUIRT! ARGH!" the theif, obviously angered, pulled his incredibly large sword out of its sheathe and began to swing it wildly. Beck quickly fired another arrow, hoping to hit him in the shoulder, only for it to be deflected by the incredibly large sword. If it wasn't for Marcus' presence, Beck would have been the one to scream and run away. "C'mere, you!"

With a deft step or two, Beck jumped off the small balcony and managed to do an extremely sloppy safety roll on the way down. The theif didn't actually realise until he was at the top of the stairs that his target had moved. Never the less, he was fast and trudged back down the stairs as Beck fired another arrow (only for it to be deflected. Again).

So, he was a beserker. Beserkers, though unusually tough, angry and violent, weren't excessively smart. He was skilled, yeah, but not smart. There were two things possible; make him so angry that he would slip up and maybe fall off deck or try and confuse him with logic. Since making him angry didn't sound like a really good idea, maybe he could outwit the brute.

"C-come and get me!" Beck said as bravely as he could, his voice cracking mid-sentence not helping a bit. The theif didn't reply, instead roaring like a mad man and chasing the young de Telarius. Beck ran around a corner, catching his hand on the corner to help him spin around and held his breath. The theif yelled some more but when he followed Beck around the corner, he was met with nothing except fighting in the distance from the other siblings.

"Where are you boy!? I'll gut you where you stand! You can't hide from me!!" he kicked down a barrell, expecting Beck to roll out. He was extremely disappointed to find only smelly fish hit the deck and expelled his anger with a stomp and a roar. Just as he was about to kick down another barrell, a wooden plank made contact with his face and the theif fell back, falling into the fish guts. He was disorientated for a few moments before he picked up the lone plank from the ground. "Show your face! Show your face and fight, boy!!"

One of the fish magically (well, not quite) floated in front of him and threw itself at his face. The theif, though quite flabbergasted, was not quite as dumb as Beck had thought him to be and grabbed the empty space in front of him. Of course, it wasn't empty space. It was an invisible Beck.

"Ah! A Famiglia family, are we? Well ghost boy, just because I can't see you doesn't mean I can't strangle you!" his hands quickly made his way to Beck's esophagus. He didn't hesitate to start squeezing at the young de Telarius' neck. As his airwave was crushed, Beck felt his visibility return but managed to splutter out a loud enough squeak to his siblings.

"M-marcus!! H-help!!"
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