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I'm not gonna vote because each region has a plus and a minus imo you can agree with me if you want but this is my opinion

+ : As the first generation region it set the bar quite high because of it though basic including some impressive locations; a Volcano, Power Station, Giant Cave, Graveyard, Bike Highway, Ocean, Abandoned Facilities
- : Though it was the first there isn't as much of a kick out of its journey as the other 4, this is mainly because there was no strategy to getting through the game, pretty much Fire, Water, Grass, Flying, Electric & Ground would get you through with not much hassle.

+ : As an introducer of the Dark and Steel types it could go where Kanto couldn't and added some "history" to pokemon. It also gets extra points for revamping the Gym leaders which so far every generation after has failed to do.

- : The structure of this region is bad I'm sorry to say but as a general rule you should visit the gyms in this order 1,2,3,4,7,5,6,8 yeh... I'm not kidding Pryce is easier to defeat than Chuck or Jasmine.

+ : This region is so diverse; Jungles, Giant Sea routes, Weather patterns and NASA. This is all topped by its legendary storyline which is quite impressive especially in emerald where extra locations are added to the story.

- : This region stands alone for two reasons. One its Gym Leaders lack personality or background yes I'm aware its the only region to not be in the Gen IV + storyline era but still Gen II did better. The second thing are the battles it felt like the whole game was trying to do Kanto and Johto at the same time and that just doesn't work especially considering Johto is meant to be an opposite of Kanto.


+ : Sinnoh is the region of life, everything is brought together with everything from the past 3 generations, heat, cold, high grass, fog (this can be a negative), desert, water and the calm first grassy routes. It even has a huge replay-ability with multiple areas being rediscovered and expanded just for going back I mean how do you get a Gible in D/P you obtain 6 Gym badges, then head back to Eterna City and have a pokemon with the HM for cut and strength and head down the Bike Path, cross the undercover area and find the secret entrance.

- : Like Hoenn it tried to have everything from the previous generations plus more which in some aspects it succeeded but in others it fail I'm sure that Route 210 was intended to be much more but it wasn't and since there are other examples it loses itself in trying to have what it didn't need


+ : This is definitely the restart of the pokemon series with a new region which didn't care about the other 4 because it is the odd region being so distant from all the others. The region itself didn't want any of that Jungle or Fire from the previous games. It was simple 3 Water Routes, 2 Desert Routes, 1 Ice Route, Some Caves each diverse in their own rights and some grass routes to connect the whole thing. This was what the series needed.

- : Unfortunately while being different it went a bit too far and lost some things the other generations had, for one the First route had a little connection right of to the left which was so asking to be found but by the time you got surf it was but a common route and forgotten for importance (minus the Larvesta Egg and Crustles). Another example was they allowed you to get to close to the post game I mean there were two bridges that close there should've been something between them like what Hoenn and Sinnoh did.

So overall this was my opinion on the Pokemon Regions

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