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Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Well thing is, I knda view beartic rather cute and cool rather than scary
it is not scary but still compared to Cubchoo it is xD XD

Quote originally posted by Mononoke Hime:
I'm not sure if I already filled up a sign up form, but as I don't see my username in the members list I problably didn't.
This is very odd because I just felt I was a member. Maybe I was thinking that telepathy actually works.

So, here we go:
Name: Mononoke Hime
2 Partner Pokemon: only two? :c Vaporeon / Suicune
Why do you want to swim with us? Because I love the element of water, and I think that this type has the best pokemons. In fact, the majority of my fav pokemons are water typed or related to water. Or blue (or have in it's shiny form)
Answer Current topic: What's the current topic, btw?

Mono u are a member of the club!
krazzikk must be busy so he didn't add u :D