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Quote originally posted by Ryujin1:
Got it working and attempting the last gym before the E4.

But, how do you even evolve Murkrow here... I've seen Honchcrows so...

And what do you do after the E4? Just beat them o_o...
Go to Bronze Port ferry to countiune.

Quote originally posted by Trainer_Garfield:
Hey Im Daryl here, just created an account. I am currently playing Pokemon Victory Fire but after defeating the Dark Type Gym, I headed down to only see a wrecked boat. and a hole on the ground which drops me to a cave that has a dead end. I have heard that I need HM Rock Smash and to go back to the mountain. But I cannot find that HM. Any HELP please?
Battle Luke and Eva near the Stardust Fountain and they'll give you the HM06.

Quote originally posted by SonicBlazePlatinum:
What kind of Pokemon Emerald ROM will I need to play this? Also is this game easy to figure out once you know what to do or is it still hard? Pokemon Flora Sky, also an Emerald ROM hack was also like this for playing the game and figuring things out.
This hack used to be easy,but it became hard since version 1 was released,and I think the rom you used for Flora Sky might be okay for this one...

Quote originally posted by strikerkc:
bugs? I found some bug. I'm still using 1.97
Thanks,now I've fxed these in the newest Version 1.99.

Quote originally posted by dragonXXtamer:
Hey.after i got the hm dive.where do i will go next?
Go to the top of Mt.Skywall to defeat Team Mirage.

By the way,some screenshots of the changes in the newest version 1.99:
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