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Hi!! Awesome thread! I'd like the following:
-Seel, Timid, Hydration, with Ground Hidden Power.
-The Sneasel as it's listed.
-Swinub, Adamant, Thick Fat, with al IVs 31.
-Smoochum, the first one, with Ground HP (is it physical or special HP?)
-Snorunt, Female, Timid, Ice Body, all IVs 31 except for the Attack.
-The Spheal as it's listed.
-Snover, Adamant, Snow Warning, all IVs 31, male.
-Vanillite Modest nature, Ice Body, Autotomize Egg move, Female, all IVs 31 except for the attack.
-Cryogonal Timid, Hidden power Water (preferrably special hidden power, or is that physical?)
-Cubchoo Adamant, Snow Cloak, male, IVs 31.
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Thank you!!!

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