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Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
^ Well one thing I've noticed is that the more you smoke the easier it is to taste the flavor of the actual buds. And some of it--most of it tastes really good. And that glass with dinner for the "taste" could rightfully be applied to marijuana. Even if that one glass doesn't get you drunk... it definitely loosens the mood, and again, that same thing could be applied to marijuana. The two are very similar in such regards.
Well, they're both downers so mixing them wont cause any harm. Just don't smoke then drink lol, I made that mistake once. Drink and then smoke, the marijuana settles the stomach because it's marijuana lol. Once again proves marijuana is better and safer than alcohol... Well I did it with hard liquor but as long as you drink then smoke your fine. Don't get all stupid and chug a whole bottle then smoke cos it wont do much.

I guess this would go with the discussion. I just got 4 teeth extracted yesterday and they gave me 10 mg hydrocodones, which is fine I guess but why couldn't they give me marijuana... I know I can't smoke it because of the extraction but I can definitely make pot tea or something and still get the effects. It's much safer than risking the addiction to these hydros. I could prob make pot brownies or something (without nuts) and that would help the pain.. Still no physical addiction there.

Yes marijuana does have a mental addiction, the same mental addiction you get from video games, music, and such.. You don't wanna quit those but you won't go crazy if you do, you'll just miss them and that's the mental addiction. While drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, crack/cocaine, any oxy in pill, Vicodin, pretty much any percocet, or opiate is addicting and physically addicting. You go through withdraws when getting off the addiction. But marijuana your just like, "Oh well, guess I can't smoke no more" and nothing happens. I've had to quit smoking many times due to jobs that require drug screenings and everything but never went through withdraws. Just when you start back up your so far gone you got your space suit on. But yet it's not dangerous. If you don't got it you don't tweak out, go all psychotic like crack heads and stuff your just like, "oh well". Lol. So yes it should be legalized, no matter what.... Just shouldn't be allowed to sell it.. I guess they could purchase a business card or something that costs a couple thousand but you pay it over time giving you the authority to grow and sell it. I don't see too many people purchasing a $2,500 card tho, but that's what they should do to still allow people to grow it. I think it's fair.. All the weed you want for a year and you can grow it, hell ya, who wouldn't?
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