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Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Name: CourageHound
Partner Rodent: Raichu
Partner Nickname: Zatch
Why do you like the rodents?: I believe them to be a cute and interesting addition with each gen
Current Topic: Which rodent has the best shiny sprite?: Well since all the rodents generally have unimpressive shiny sprites, in the sense the coloration difference is very stuble among most of them all, i'll say Raichu since part of him becomes silver(I think)?
Welcome to the club CH!!
gotta agree there is not mmmuch color difference in the shiny and normal sprites
shiny raichu --->

Quote originally posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon:
Name (Username or Nickname) : Checkers
Partner Rodent : Minun!
Partner’s nickname : Misu
Why do you like electric rodents? : They are so cute! I like rodents in genral, so.
Answer to the topic- Best shiny sprite?: Minun! Hands down. A green electric type! Shweet! I love Minun all in all. <3
welcome to the club Checkers!!
shiny minun is sooo cute and it is so unique.... --->
shiny Pachirisu is soo Shweet! a pink color rodent!! <3 ---->

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