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Okay maybe in the SS/HG version, but I didnt have that much of a trouble with her. (do hate scrappy though. Back in the day before abilities she couldnt stand against my gasthly!
(to be honest she gave me quite a trouble in crystal since I wasnt so knowledgable back in the day)

But for me? I had a real hard battle against Norman (funnily also a Normal type Leader) and Clay.
But I am not sure in clays case since my Group wasnt really effective against fighting Types.
Norman on the other hand was just cheap. At least to me (dont remember if it was Saphire or emerald though)

In anyway I think Normans Pokemons are doped (one hit kill in every round? WTH?)
And the sitrus-fruit was just plain unfair. That thing had enouhgh HP, it didnt need that too!
After all the surfers I spammed it still was alive and kicking ready to mash me up!
I hate slaking
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