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I would like please.

Vanillite Lv1 UT
Modest | Weak Armor
Hidden Power: Dark @ 70
Water Pulse

Snorunt Lv1 UT
Naive | Inner Focus
Spikes | Weather Ball

Sneasel Lv1 UT
Jolly | Keen Eye
Counter | Fake Out | Ice Shard | Pursuit

Snover Lv1 UT
Modest | Snow Warning
Avalanche | Leech Seed | Seed Bomb | Blizzard

Spheal Lv1 UT
Calm | Thick Fat
Curse | Water Pulse | Yawn | Aqua Ring

Cubchoo Lv1 UT
Adamant | Rattled

If one or two of them are out, I will just like to replace them with a diffrent one of the type of pokemon. I don't really care which ones, just would like 1 of each of the ones I choose if I can. I can always change them.
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