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My updates here are so incredibly slow I'm sorry ;7;;;

I've drawn quite a few things since my last update, so this'll kind of be a really giant dump. vuv`

Drawn in the car during a 12 hour long roadtrip, various characters that belong to my friends!:

A manga page drawn for an event. There's supposed to be 5 pages but I got lazy... ;7; :

Drawn for an event for the dA group Milizia:

An application for ToT, a group on dA:

Another application, this one for an Air Gear based group called Aerobrake:

Commission for my friend-- this is actually quite old...:

Request from a friend:

I hope to work on more dynamic pictures in the future-- perhaps even learn to draw backgrounds properly at last ;7;; Also learning a bit of digital painting rather than just my gross soft-cel-shading style... Hopefully I'll have much better things to show next time I update!
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