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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I would probably delete Heatmor and Durant cos they are easily forgettable and not to mention they look weird. Also, their rivalry reminds me way too much of Zangoose and Seviper.
How can their rivalry be similar to zangoose and seviper's? One is an actual rivalry, where both hunt each other(Z and S), but the other is just a predator/food relationship. No durants are going to logically hunt down a heatmor.

Anyways, most people are using the "its forgettable" logic, but I don't really think that applies to a region that's existed for one generation, and is SUPPOSED to have rare/common pokemon.

So simply based off looks, I'd say Basculin. While I understand there is a need for a common/simple fish, common does not mean boring design. I honestly can't believe this monstrosity was approved for the game. It looks ugly/boring, and isn't that feasible for even an in-game team.

Demo coming August 20!
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