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Of course.. I don't think I could possibly eat less; I like eating lol. I mean stricter as in.. fruit in the morning, not with dinner, less cheese, more meat.. less sugary foods (like banana-chips or less breads in the evening)

Yeah I know someone who's a poledancer too, and she has amazing body strength. She can lift her whole self sideways and perfectly straight with just her arms. Amazing! Hold herself up with a leg, etc; she's a dancer too! Very talented!
For myself, though? Unless it was a class that was specifically focused of the strengthening aspect, I'd find that to be a bit too personal. I'd leave the sex appeal stuff for the bedroom only.. and feel uncomfortable if I had to act out being sexy in a public setting.

I'm actually really flexible and naturally have hypermobility. I'm trying to lengthen my hamstrings and calves more, though, to help strengthen my fallen arches. But generally I can go past touching my toes and actually easily lay my palms flat on the floor in front of me. Should work a bit on my downward dog, though.. hence the tight back-legs. Posture is more what I'm trying to focus on since I have a desk job.
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