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Marcus had been content to strolling peacefully along route 102, enjoying the slight breeze that made the route seem so welcoming. Had been fine whistling a tune to himself, blissfully walking towards Petalburg, his mind wondering what he would do once there. Had been fine wandering with not a single care. Until someone had given him one.

"You're a trainer? We have to battle!" A girl exclaimed, bombarding Marcus with words he could hardly follow as they flew out of her mouth. He just gave her a quizzical look as she returned it with a look of confusion, as if his lack of sudden action had disturbed the natural order of things. "You're new aren't you?"

"Uh, a little." Marcus admitted, noticing that the brown haired girl was a little younger than him and wore a school uniform or something similar.

"Well let me explain something," she stated, her voice almost too upbeat. "Once two trainers lay eyes upon each other, they MUST battle!" She practically yelled at him, emphasizing the "must" too much for his liking. He knew she was just being dramatic, but even so, the fact that she would think such things worried him. Mostly because it meant he wouldn't get out of battling her, but also because she probably had more experience.

"I might as well," Marcus replied, almost shocking himself with how much his confidance had been lacking since starting his journey. He could do nothing at the present time but shrug it off and assume it was just him being the cautious beginner as the two trainers put a little distance between each other. "I'm Marcus."

"Tara. Now go Petilil!" Tara announced as she enlarged a pokeball and tossed it into the air, letting the blinding white light summon her small green Pokemon, Marcus taking note that it looked similar to a floor before it bloomed. Marcus knew Tara was waiting on him to start, but his hand had nervously been shoved into his pocket, confusing him on which Pokemon it was in the ball he held. Great, he couldn't help but scream at himself within his thoughts, Spheal gets out and I lose, Pidgey gets out and I die. Win win Marcus thought sarcastically as he worked up the nerve to throw it, releasing his own Pokemon in a similar white light.

"Pidgey," the Pokemon stated upon being summoned onto the field, its form almost gentle and calming as it peacefully sat upon the grass. Until it looked back at him with a look that would kill him if it could. It was mad.

"Petilil use Leech Seed!" Marcus almost felt grateful for the attack being called out, for upon its release, Pidgey had quickly taken to the skies, intent to attack its trainer filling its determined eyes. However, it had been hit by the small yellow seed Petilil had shot at it, the seed quickly sprouted, covering Pidgey in vines that hampered its flight, knocking it to the ground at Marcus' feet. Pidgey still struggling to worm its way towards its trainer when the Leech Seed had taken full effect, the vines suddenly zapping Pidgey of some of its strength. A blessing in disguise as it made Pidgey forget its hatred of Marcus, instead it turned its head to glare at its opponent, a beautiful grass type that had practically stabbed it in the back.

"Good, Pidgey get it!" Marcus yelled, willing to let the Pidgey command itself for the time being. Finally managing to work its wings out of the entrapment of vines it began to hover over the ground, cries of battle filling the air as it darted towards Petilil, almost completely unphased by the Leech Seed which continued to zap its strength. It all would come down to Pidgey's ability to take attacks, as well as its ability to dish them out. Pidgey quickly delivering a few Tackles, Petilil having difficulty keeping up the bird's speed.

"It seems your bird is fast, but it means nothing if it doesn't have a single flying type attack!" Tara yelled, either oblivious or unconcerned with the beating her Pokemon was taking.

"What are you talking about? I'm the one winning!" Marcus yelled, his eyes focused on the form of Petilil as it struggled to its feet.

"You need to think farther ahead. Petilil Synthesis!" Marcus was astounded, watching the Petilil absorb the sunlight that gracefully fell upon it, healing all of its injuries before his very eyes. Marcus knew he would need a change of tactics if he wanted to win. From the look of Pidgey, he didn't have long to think of one either. It was almost the perfect strategy, continuously zapping your opponents strength while replenishing your own, all to leave the opponent confused and helpless. Wait! Confused! It had suddenly struck him, he needed to get Petilil to become confused. Pidgey was so focused on the fight that Marcus knew it would never use the move he wanted it to on its own, but would it listen to him either?

"Pidgey! Swagger!" Pidgey only looked at him quizzically, its mind trying to decide whether or not to do it or not. Sure, he was its enemy, but he hadn't exactly treated it badly. Giving Pidgey a look that almost seemed pleading, Pidgey seemed to give in, looking back at Petilil with a small nod. So small, that it was almost uncaught. Marcus, unsure of what Pidgey had actually done, watched as it circled the Petilil, cries filling the air -- cries different from the earlier ones of battle -- leaving Petilil leaning to the sides, almost as if it were dizzy.

"You must be new to be relying on confusion to win, but I guess a little risk never hurt anyone! Petilil add on the damage with another Leech Seed!" Tara commanded, her Pokemon dizzily walking the field, falling to the ground before the attack had even begun.

"What's life without a little risk! Tackle Pidgey!" Marcus and Pidgey had been so focused on capitalizing on the small chance of victory that neither had noticed them playing the traditional roles of trainer and Pokemon. The two in perfect sync as the Pidgey flew circles around Petilil steadly damaging Petilil at a rate faster than what the Leech Seed could replenish. It didn't take that much longer for Pidgey to emerge victorious. Barely, but still a victory all the same. The two trainer's returning their Pokemon as they issued praise for their performance.

"That was a good battle!" Tara beamed, walking away so suddenly that it was almost like she had never met him before. The Pokemon Center was probably a priority, but the next town was a little ways away and who knew how many more trainers would try to get Marcus to battle them between his current location and his destination.

Resuming his walk towards the town, he couldn't help but note how important Potions would be in the future. I need like fifty, he thought to himself as he walked. Counting each and every step as a blessing, his eyes falling upon no trainers or Pokemon. Deciding to stop for a little while, Marcus quickly summoned Spheal in the usual flash of white light, its spherical body rolling around his feet happily. "Okay Spheal, we need to train, so I'll throw rocks and you blast them with a Water Gun okay?" The Pokemon nodded in understanding, or at least it looked like a nod, more of a roll but that is beside the point. Marcus had spent a good length of time doing that, giving Pidgey the chance to rest. Each and every rock Marcus had found to toss into the air had been sprayed with a jet of water. It seemed weak compared to pro's but it was to be expected, but he couldn't deny that with each use it was getting steadily better. Slowly, but steadily.

"Wow, that one went pretty far!" Marcus marveled upon his Pokemon's most recent usage of Water Gun as the rock he tossed was sent flying into the closely grouped trees that surrounded the route. It seemed that nothing could go wrong.... except for sudden battles, wild Pokemon attacks, catching diseases, or sudden death. Other than that, nothing could go wrong. Everything was going great for him so far, so quiet, so peaceful.
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