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Originally Posted by scprepschool View Post
I know that strange house served a purpose.
And i my comment wasnt under the intention of offending anyone.
And i never said they were using old tile sets. I wad saying that
They could possibly have created the tilesets to the new parts of unova with rubysapphire emerald remakes in mind. See if the tiles are already done mostly they can change the color slightly and it will be just as good as new.
Another thing is that in the room of the gamefreak building the other guys are people that work on pokemon games for game freak, not gamefreak employees that work on all gamefreak games
Although one could argue me wrong and say well that particular guy didnt say his name i also consider that a good point but i stand behind mine
I meant no offense

And i was comparing the tiles of the inside of abandoned ship and the inside of strange house. Not the story or trainers or anything
And as I said those tiles are closer to the tiles used in the Haunted House in Sinnoh. None of the Gen 3 tiles exist past Gen 4. They render new 3D like tiles for 4th and 5th Gens. More so for the 5th Gen which uses more 3D graphics than 4th Gen games. They may use old ones, but tiles from 5th Gen aren't from any other gen.

Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
There is a lot of things in BW2 that resemble RSE. It is hard to say if anything is hinted at RSE remake or if they just wanted to add stuff again that they liked. Hoenn and Unova both have deserts. They both have 8th water gyms. They both have 6th flying gyms. And they both have routes like Reversal Mountain outside. Like someone said, the rocket grunt was replaced by Aqua/Magma Grunt. If there is any hint at all, it is the fact Hoenn is the only region that is not on the DS,not counting Kanto because it is in HGSS.

Also they brought back the Pokemon Rivalry like between Seviper and Zangoose with Durant and Heatmor. There is also still a large chunk of Hoenn pokemon that cannot be caught still.
Only Deoxys and Jiranchi can't be caught between Gens 4 and 5 (They can't be caught in any gen for that matter but that is beside the point). In Gen 5, only the Starters and weather trio aren't available.

As for Durant and Heatmor, that isn't a Rivalry. Heatmor hunt Durant. They don't fight for preditorial superiority like Seviper and Zangoose do. Zangoose and Seviper hate each other and fight on contact. Heatmor don't hate Durant. They view them as food and little else. Durant just protect themselves as much as they can, but its a completely different relationship than what Seviper and Zangoose have.