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Floor 8 - Dovren City

Bralec stood with his hands in his sides, watching the potential customers mingle about, giving them all a warm smile. A girl pointed up to a sword with a decorated hilt, dragons twisting about it. A long, thin blade. He raised his brows a little and tapped his chin a little.

"Well now, you've got an eye for quality. I got that one from fighting a miniboss in the third dungeon. It's name is Dragon's Tail. It's got really good stats, mainly focused on damage, and it has a piercing effect on armored enemies. If you'd want that, it'd set you back..."

He tilted his head back, furrowing his brows slightly.

"... Eight hundred Cor. Sorry, but it's a pretty rare item."

He gave the girl an apologetic smile before turning to the boy, pointing up at the sword with the ice effect.

"Ah, interested in Hail? It's a fairly low-level sword considering where most people are right now, so it'll only be... mrrh. A hundred and fifty cor."

Turning around, he then walked behind the counter and picked out a small box, opening it to reveal an array of differently coloured and shaped crystals, showing them to the people within the shop with a grin.

"And here's the 'less unkillable' items. I've got teleportation, healing, status curing, movement-increasing and a couple other kinds of crystals. If you're looking for new armor and stuff, I've got a little, but most armors are crafted rather than found, but if you want, I can show you it."
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