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Vieve Gotle

Shielding my eyes from the lights that I pass through, why are there always bright lights? I open my eyes and notice that there’s still sky and a forest and I’ve basically am where I previously was. This is too strange… That’s when I start noticing that everything around me is actually coming to life. A tree being cut down, someone is destroying the forest! Typical mankind! I step forward when a voice catches my attention telling me that I don’t belong. Who treats their fellow human being like that? It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone besides Gavin.

“Oinker?” I slowly mutter wondering what- I take an immediate step back realizing that thing isn’t human. Is that what I’m thinking it is? A PIG!?! “I am just leaving, sir! But why are you cutting down all these beautiful trees?” The trees are a sight to see, their large trunks and branches full of life it’s a shame to see them like this. There’s a glimmering sight all around the rest of the pigs, seriously, pigs? I’m hesitating to go invest because somehow I knowingly going to get myself into trouble at the expense of my curiosity. Suddenly as if on cue an imp appears out of the forest and is coming straight at me as if I have a tracking device on me!

“HEY! Can’t you do something? Steamroller these guys?” Waiting for a response from these guys is pointless so I fumble around with my new LIGHTWRATHER. I'm swinging wildly and completely missing the imp due to my forgetting that my axe is now ten times lighter. The imp taking advantages of my mistake and bulldozes me onto the relatively soft forest floor. Then dropping my axe in order to shove it’s gnawing teeth away from my face and various body parts. Making a swift upwards kicking motion I manage to stun it in time for me to recollect my LIGHTWRATHER. With one hand I’m franticly slashing trying to make some damage. I accomplish success when the imp begins rolling off me and I looking at its arm which is now severely cut. Without hesitating this time I'm getting to my feet and with correct precision slamming my LIGHTWRATHER into it’s face causing it to start shattering into grist. Where in the hell are Cloystersprite and Gavin? With my luck they’re probably in some cage and I’ll be rescuing them shortly.

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