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Really hate to say this but I think Unova would have the upper hand.
Not pokemonwise really.

I am seeing it from a military standpoint here and I am including the human as a factor.
Lets say it happens and the military are using the Pokemon of their respective regions and they would try to take over the other.
Then I would say that would have a higher chance in weapon delevopment (they did genetically engineer Mewtwo) But Unova, in case special trainers would capture the legendaries, they would have the upper hand in sheer power. Not that the Musketeer-trio would let the pokemon come to any harm or anything. Talking about legendary.
Not taking those in account Kanto has 149 (+/- 2) natural pokemon that are possibly catchable without affecting their nature and ecosystem while Unova has 143 (+/- 2)
Those lesser ones have mosly a bigger basepower than the ones in Kanto...
The location is also important as Unova seems to have a territorial advantage too as most areas are bigger cities which are safe to assume, ready for a battle.

Really a tough cookie but I'd bet on Unova
I have a dream....
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