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Quote originally posted by xxkaylabby:
Username: xxkaylabby
Background/Background Color: [x]
Animated Sprite: shiny espeon
Font: whatever looks good
Font Colour: black
Text: xxkaylabby
Mini-Text: shiny espeon
Extra: thank you
Quote originally posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon:
Username: Checkers
Background Image: A Snowy Forest
Sprites: Albino Umbreon and Pikachu
Sprites Animated or No: Nah.
Winter or Not: Yeper doodle!
Font: Something Christamsy
Font Colour: Green and Red
Text: Merry Christmas!
Mini-Text: I Love You
Extra: Ummm...Hai! Thank you!!

Done! Sorry For the Late Reply!


HTML Code:


HTML Code:

another Request will Coming as Soon as Posible! Thanks For being my customer!
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