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Time to update again.

-Took down Rocket Executive Petrel
-Hyorinmaru learned Dragon Rush
-Hyorinmaru evolved into Garchomp
-Teamed up with Cheryl from Sinnoh to take down two Rocket Grunts
-Wabisuke evolved into Togetic
-Wabisuke evolved into Togekiss
-Wabisuke learned Fly
-Teamed up with Marley from Sinnoh to take down two Rocket Grunts
-Battled and defeated Rocket Executive Ariana
-Arrived at Safari Zone
-Deposited Pikachu and Benihime into the PC
-Saved progress for now


Senkei/Budew (F, Lv.72) @Soothe Bell
Cut, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, SolarBeam

Wabisuke (F, Lv.77)
Rock Smash, Tri Attack, AncientPower, Fly

Shirayuki/Glaceon (F, Lv.76)
Iron Tail, Sheer Cold, Earth Power, Blizzard

Hyorinmaru/Garchomp (F, Lv.55) @Exp. Share
Fire Blast, Dragon Rush, Dig, Surf

Next time, I will be finishing off the Rocket takeover of the Safari Zone and hopefully adding the last members of my team.
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