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Rapp & Dante - Floor 6

"Heh, that was impressive, maybe you're stronger than I gave you credit for. Thanks for the help, I'll start gathering the ore now whilst you heal up. Told you they were tough!" Rapp smirked as he began chiselling the ore from the shell that was left behind and adding it to his inventory piece by piece. That hiding potion saved my life, maybe I should look into increasing my alchemy skills a little more... He contemplated how Dante could have procured such a specialist item with his obvious lack of crafting or alchemy skills, but avoided asking to spare himself looking even weaker than he did already. The last chunk of ore broke away explosively from the shell as the crab's remains continued shattering into millions of blue shards.

"Right, I've got what I came for thanks to you. Use a teleport crystal and meet me back at Floor 8, I have a shop in the town's market where I'll happily craft your reward. It's call Raposa and you can find it a few blocks away from the communal notice board going east - it's the one with the red maple trees outside." Rapp stammered for a few seconds as he thought. "And uh, thanks again Dante. Friends list?" He jabbed at the menu in front of him as he sent the invitation to Dante. "Nice working with you, see you there soon!" Rapp held the teleport crystal in his hand as he crushed it and vanished into thin air, reappearing at the Floor 8 main square. Didn't shout out teleport this time, making progress!

Rapp lazily strolled back to his shop as he contemplated the day's adventure and began considering how he should raise his alchemy level. He came up with all number of crazy ideas of where to get ingredients and of which potions he could make before noticing a herb garden with a sign stating "Please replant after use." infront of it. He hastily gathered the ingredients and ran back to his workshop as quickly as he could to ensure the herbs were as fresh as possible for starting his new hobby; this didn't effect the quality of the potion but made the whole ordeal feel that much more exciting. As he sat at his desk and prepared to grind his first ingredients for a basic healing potion, a familiar face came through the door.

"Ahh, Dante! Nice to see you again. I assume you're here for your sword?" Rapp cleared the ingredients from his desk as he made his way to the till. "Just tell me what you'd like and I'll craft it for you. This ore's some pretty impressive stuff so don't hold back on me, I've been looking for a challenge! I've got plenty of other materials too, so be as specific as you'd like." Rapp smiled at Dante as he awaited his task and brandished his hammer ready to work. Hehe, you'd best not hold back on me old man, I've been waiting for this.
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